How to choose rattan furniture such as rattan sofa?

Rattan furniture is a kind of furniture full of Southeast Asian style. Whether it is hot summer or chilly winter, rattan furniture can bring you cool, or send some warmth under a thick cushion. So, how do we choose to face the many rattan furniture brands on the market? Furniture f ----more

How is the quality of the Jiade sink?

Many netizens inquired about the quality of the Jade sink, and the price of the Jade sink was expensive. In this issue, the editor has integrated the quality and price of the Jiade sink, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. 1. How is the quality of the Jade sink 1. Overview of Jiade ----more

How to choose 13 sinks in the kitchen sink makes your k…

The sink is one of the building materials that every family needs to use. With the development of materials and craftsmanship, various shapes of sinks of various brands on the market are also varied. Don't look at a small sink. Dirty, water, odor, splash and other issues directly affect ----more

A new type of ultrasonic cell sorting technology and ph…

Researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) have developed a new method of cell sorting using ultrasound technology to reduce cell damage compared to other methods. The research was published online in the October 16 issue of AppliedPhysics Letters. In many biomedical research fields, in ----more

How to solve the skin problem caused by mobile phone

With the rapid development of the times, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent, so the frequency of people using mobile phones has increased greatly. It is no problem to brush up Weibo WeChat, and chatting has become a commonplace. However, entertainment will also bring us a lot of s ----more

Do you know how to choose a green aluminum foil bag?

Aluminum foil bags are now used by many people in life. So how to choose aluminum foil bag? Aluminum foil packaging bags because of its good insulation, high heat sealing performance, moisture resistance, and high transparency. And the functions of acid resistance, abrasion resistan ----more

Acid Rhodamine B, Acid Red 52 Instructions

Name: Acid Rhodamine B, Acid Red 52, Di Red B, Lissamine Rose Red B, Rissamine Rose Red B200, Lisman Rhodamine B, Lisman Rhodamine B, Lissamine Alkali Red B200, Acid Rose Red B, Acid Pink B, Chaulin Red B, Sulfonated Rhodamine B, Chitong Red S, Thiordamine BCAS No.: 3520-42-1C27H29N2NaO7S2=580.65 Gr ----more