The effective way to improve the printing effect

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the perfection of commodity packaging. Corrugated carton packaging has a growing share of the entire packaging industry with its unique features. The key tec ----more

Bank card printing technology features and improvements

Compared with offset printing, the screen printing ink layer is thick, the thickness is usually between 10-30μm, which is 5-10 times of the thickness of the offset printing ink layer, so it has good weather resistance performance and drug resistance performance, and the color is bright and the ----more

Advance consciousness in packaging design

The forward consciousness in packaging design is that designers use symbols to represent the plan on the media. It is a specific design that spans the conventional development under the definition of time and space. It will not be political, economic, cultural, technological, and popular in the fu ----more

Youli clip 4000 type binding machine

The Unipricker 4000 Binder has a highly automated production capacity and can process 4,000 volumes per hour. The roll and nozzle systems for handling polyurethane or hot melt adhesives are extremely easy to change and have a great deal of flexibility. This polyurethane technology enables direct, ----more

Powerlifting - New Type 700 kg Vertical Rotary Robot

Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, has designed a new 3A-R vertical rotary robot for the entire load-carrying industry. It can pick up objects weighing up to 700 kilograms and is easy to operate. The new 3A-R vertical rotary robot is currently the highest load capacity of the three-axis robot. The ----more

Disc four-color printing - offset printing fault

Sixth, offset printing easy cause and processing: 1, ghost: The color image of the disc on the ghost and its ghosting nature, can be used about 10 times magnifying glass inspection. In offset printing, the ink on the printing plate is first transferred to a roller colored by a blanket, and then t ----more

Tubex Introduces Highly Transparent Plastic Hose

Recently, Tubex introduced a highly transparent plastic hose for the personal care and bathing market. This hose is the ideal package for clear and transparent cosmetics, combined with a beautiful print design, a stylish package. The rear panel of this highly transparent hose will be printed with ----more