Prospects for the development of instrumentation techno…

Prospects for the development of instrumentation technology in the next 20 years The "Study on the Medium- and Long-term Development Strategy of Chinese Engineering Science and Technology" is a major consulting project launched by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the National Natur ----more

Requirements for the best screen printing screen

1. Keep the tools clean and ready for use at any time, and the plate-making room should be free of dust. 2. Check the screen tension. All multi-color overprinted screens need to have the same tension. 3. Fully degreased: use a soft brush and a source of water with a certain pressure for cleaning. ----more

Complete analysis of NS-1450 automatic paper laminating…

It is also a brand-new NS-1450 automatic laminating machine, which occupies an important place in this printing market. Its basic equipment is also equipped with many professional content and technology. 1. Automatic paper feeder Adopt the loop-type paper-feeding mechanism; —Adopt high-po ----more

Structural features of foreign folding machines

Except for a few countries such as Japan, Switzerland, the United States and China that manufacture folding machines, the main manufacturers of folding machines are concentrated in Germany. The folding machines produced by STAHL and MBO of Germany occupy an absolute dominant position in terms of v ----more

Discussion on Flexographic Printing Experience

One issue that is often mentioned when training in flexographic printing companies is ink management. If the ink management is in place, the efficiency of the printing press will be improved to a certain extent, and the loss will also be reduced. The frequently mentioned problems are as follows (o ----more

Operation control system of bill slitting machine

The professionally designed operation control system HZ-2008 for bill slitting machine is in view of the current small-volume slitting machine used in the bill industry. The operating system automation control is generally low, the benchmarking operation is complicated, the benchmarking accuracy is ----more

In-mold labels for daily chemical packaging--a new choi…

In Mould Label (In Mould Label) is a new form of label packaging that is different from traditional label packaging. Its appearance has a very significant impact on label packaging. In fact, in-mold labels have been popular in some European and American countries for many years. After two or three ----more