New Zhongyuan ceramic tile product specifications

I believe everyone knows how the new Zhongyuan tiles are. Xinzhongyuan ceramic tile is one of the top ten domestic brands. With its powerful production capacity and its amazing development speed, it is hailed as "built ceramic carrier" by the ceramic industry. Its product styles a ----more

Huiya ceramic tiles recommended

Everyone knows Huiya tiles , there are many brands of tiles on the market, different types of tiles have different characteristics, and the specific places of use are also different. The following editors recommend the antique tiles of Huiya tiles for everyone. 1. Maple Linbodu series of H ----more

Matters needing attention in daily maintenance

Kitchen Yitang (Shanghai) Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. CCTV Central Partner China Top 10 Kitchen Electric Enterprise, Shanghai distributor "Chu Yitang" integrated environmental protection stove. The " Kitchen One Church " all-round kitchen integrates five kitchen theme fu ----more

What are the characteristics and types of Fangtai range…

Many homes are now open kitchens, so a high-quality range hood is indispensable. Fangtai cooker hood has always occupied a relatively large proportion in kitchen appliances, so how about Fangtai cooker hood? How much does it cost? Fangtai cooker hood is currently a well-known domestic high ----more

Summit Tiles Summit Tile Prices

In recent years, there have been many ceramic tile brands in the building materials market. Summit tiles are only an inconspicuous one among many material brands. Many consumers have set their sights on the famous ceramic tile brands such as Dongpeng tiles and Marco Polo tiles. However, it ----more

What are the top ten brands of cooker hoods?

Many friends are very concerned about the top ten brands of cooker hoods, but it is often difficult to choose when buying. The top ten brands of cooker hoods and what brand of cooker hoods are good; many people want to know the top ten brands of cooker hoods. Brands, briefly introduce their ----more

How to install a range hood brand

Kitchen oil fume has always been a concern of people. Kitchen oil fume not only affects people's health, but the long-term accumulation of oil fume will affect the appearance and cleanliness of kitchen stoves. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of kitchen oil fume, people began to ----more