Gas Chromatography Instrument Troubleshooting: Thermal …

1, bridge current failure Under the premise that the thermal conductivity cell carries the carrier gas, open the bridge current switch and adjust the bridge current control knob. The bridge current should be steadily adjusted to a predetermined value. If the current is not adjusted during the adj ----more

Yashilin explains the common terminology of salt spray …

Common terms used in the salt spray test are as follows: (1) General surface corrosion The material is uniformly removed from the contact surface of the entire material, the erosive medium. This is a very common type of salt spray corrosion. Common types are flaky corrosion and planar corrosion. ----more

Natel's in-line push-pull wardrobe evaluation makes…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The pressure brought by work and life makes people urgently need a simple and simple place to decompress themselves. The best place is definitely not a small family. Therefore, many young people choose modern and simple solid wood furniture during the deco ----more

Waterproof mechanism of polypropylene fiber concrete

The waterproof of polypropylene fiber concrete belongs to the rigid body waterproof of concrete. In the two ways of impermeability and crack resistance of waterproof concrete, polypropylene fiber mainly achieves the purpose of waterproofing by crack resistance. The mechanism of polypropylene fiber ----more

How about the quality of the cabinets in Jiexi?

What about Jesse cabinets? Cabinets are something that many families now have. Because living standards have improved and everyone is more particular about kitchen decoration, they will buy overall cabinets. Now there are so many overall cabinet brands on the market. Which one do you choose ----more

Which cabinet brand is good? How about Aubid cabinet

Which cabinet brand is good? What about Aubid cabinets? The kitchen is equipped with a cabinet, which can make the space in our kitchen more large, because the cabinet can accommodate some small items well. But there are so many cabinet brand brands now, so which cabinet brand is good? Many ----more

3D printed music scores help visually impaired patients…

We have heard a lot of 3D printing to help the disabled, so today is definitely the most beautiful one. Braille, traditionally used for musical scores, is very complicated and difficult for music students. Yeaji Kim of the University of Wisconsin used a 3D printed universal music sys ----more