Spring will know 3 tricks to avoid makeup

Spring has just arrived, but the spring is cold and the weather is still cold and dry. Even if the makeup is perfect, there may be a scene of makeup removal. How to continue to maintain your "face problem", so that your makeup is consistent. This is the makeup technique. Spring will know ----more

Solid wood floor color matching

Page 1: Solid wood floor color matching Page 2: Solid wood floor color matching The color of the ground should match the color of the furniture, and the floor decoration is a long-term decoration. Under normal circumstances, it will not be replaced frequently, so many factors should be considered ----more

Plant lamp wood life new choice

Page 1: Plant lamp wood life new choice Page 2: A new choice for plant life Page 3: A new choice for life in plant wood Dining area, paper lighting, wooden dining table, and bamboo patterns create a natural atmosphere in the dining area. Paper round chandeliers, bamboo-patterned floor lamps, wo ----more

11 pieces of furniture in Dongguan detected excessive f…

Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Dongguan City announced the results of regular supervision and inspection of industrial products (non-food items) in Dongguan in the fourth quarter of last year. In the fourth quarter of 2011, a total of 1790 batches of products were inspected, and 349 ba ----more

Skin care allergies continue to interpret skin allergie…

Is your skin susceptible to allergies? What is skin allergies? How to avoid skin allergies? Today, Jiang Wei, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Peking University Third Hospital, was invited to interpret “skin allergy” for us. Q1: What is skin allergies? A: We generally ----more

Faenza Yan Bangping: professional team to fight the mar…

Independent professional team of bathroom and tile to fight the market [Reporter]: The theme of this time is "anti-market". Does Faenza pay great attention to the bottleneck caused by the big environment? [Yan Bangping]: Everyone has seen the big situation. The country’s purchase ----more

Stylish light printed floor

The designer used the light development technology (ie UV irradiation technology) to create this interesting “hide and seek” printed floor: the gray flowers and leaves on the floor will slowly reveal vivid colors under the sunlight, and become vibrant; The prints in the shadows remain i ----more