The quality of the board directly determines the qualit…

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The overall wardrobe, also known as the wall-mounted wardrobe / custom closet / cloakroom, etc., has become one of the must-have furniture in Europe and the United States in the 1980s. In China, although the development of the overall wardrobe is still in the ----more

"Five strokes" identify "cottage" w…

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] At present, the competition in the custom-made wardrobe industry is fierce, and the “cottage” products are filled with the market. The following "five strokes" teach you to identify "cottage" and buy genuine products that are satis ----more

Customized fashion wardrobe petty life living space pro…

[Chinese wardrobe net] suitable for space features: irregular walls, can not buy finished wardrobe Solution analysis: The wardrobe is installed on the platform, creating a high and low level, and the space will appear larger. Simply buy the wardrobe frame, which is used for shading ----more

Painting Yu Industrial Shen Lili: Let consumers experie…

Shen Lili, General Manager of Shanghai Paint Industry Co., Ltd. [Reporter]: Hello, Mr. Shen, I am honored to be able to interview you today. Today is the second day of the exhibition. How do you feel about the exhibition as a whole? [Shen Lili]: It should be OK, the flow of people is quite big. ----more

Indonesia expands exports of furniture to China

According to Jakarta, the head of the Indonesian Arts and Crafts Industry Association said recently that Indonesia will strive to expand its exports to China, considering the weakening of the European and American markets and the increasing demand in the Chinese market. The export volume reached 40 ----more

Be careful of traps alert printers

In the past year or two, when manufacturers promote various printers, they always remember to emphasize the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Since it has become a hot topic of concern to the entire society, it seems that laser printers with high energy consumption can hardly ----more

6 essences to create a new era of flawless white

When summer is over, strong ultraviolet rays will produce black yellow pigment. If the skin is not replenished in time after sunburn, it will easily appear dark yellow. Sedentary air-conditioned rooms can dehydrate the skin, computer radiation attracts dust and clogs pores, which accelerates the pr ----more