Bubble cap cartoning machine with a maximum speed of 80…

Campak recently introduced the high-speed CAM KO cartoning machine, which is positioned as a blister packaging application for pharmaceuticals or confectionery. The speed design is consistent with the speed of the rapid thermoforming equipment, and can generally complete more than 600 foams per mi ----more

The United States successfully developed self-heating p…

After four years of research and trials, Entro Co. of California, USA has recently successfully developed plastic containers that can be heated independently. This self-heating plastic container can heat the contents of the package to a suitable temperature within 5 minutes. It is a blow-molded c ----more

Modern Product Packaging and Decorating Typographic Des…

3 The trend of simple design Modern packaging and decoration layout design has undergone a transition from an industrialized society to an information-based society. In terms of semantic and formal expression, they are all influenced by Eastern and Western cultures and artistic styles. Under the ----more

Some questions about printed materials (2)

What is offset paper? Offset printing paper, ie, offset printing paper, was originally purchased from Hong Kong Doolin Co. Offset paper is widely used in the printing industry in China, and it is used for offset printing from offset presses. The main use of this paper is to print color pictorials ----more

Easy to remove excess gas label

Avery Dennison has developed a deflated label that allows consumers to let go of excess air or water vapor in a flexible package. If consumers want to let go of the air in stand-up pouches or other flexible packaging, simply squeeze the packaging to quickly clean the air in the package. This one-w ----more

Cultural Affinity of Packaging Design (I)

Abstract: Based on the concept of packaging system design and the application of the market, from the aspects of the meaning, realization principle and implementation approach of packaging design “cultural affinity”, the interactive, changing, culturally characteristic and humane packa ----more

New flexible packaging beverage box

Patent Name New Flexible Packaging Beverage Box Patent Applicant Yu Long Master Applicant Address 430040 Hubei Wuhan Wujiashan Middle School Inventor Yu Long Application (Patent) No. 200520094872.5 Application Date 2005.01.11 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2759961 Validation Announcement D ----more