Paper cutting process

Paper-making process - the precondition and further development trend of economic processing

   The process of prepress and printing has developed rapidly and continues. The rhythm of process innovation continues to accelerate. The printing equipment of yesterday was continuously replaced by more advanced equipment with better quality and higher productivity. Can process and cut 15000 copies or more of prints per hour.

Increasing print productivity means that more material needs to be handled and handled. Polar has kept pace with the development from the very beginning - from the constant modernization of the paper cutter to the latest integrated computer controlled cutting machine. In addition, Polar also recommended a smooth production process, using a material processing peripheral system.

In 2000, Polar launched a new set of products. They are both complementary to existing equipment and also serve large-scale label production including complementary products that improve the performance of high-profile production equipment.

Polar's products include the following equipment;

Cutters, from the smallest Polar 66 t to 176, ie from 66 cm to 176 cm in width.
Peripheral equipment for material handling Paper lifter Paper roll elevator Paper picking Machine equipment Cushioning stacking equipment Automatic loading and unloading of paper Loading equipment Transportation system Complete paper cutting system Complete paper cutting system consisting of the above components Trademark labeling systems include on-line conveyors, die-cuters, molding cutting and strapping equipment, Pile Turners, stacking machines, and stacking machines.

In general, cutting is a simple work process, but with the great progress of industrialization, the traditional process has also undergone tremendous changes in the paper processing industry of the printing industry. Printing opportunities and bookbinding machines have gone through several generations of stacking from tape-controlled cutters to the latest microcomputer-controlled cutting systems. Research and development have resulted in new cutters and cutting system equipment with high cutting accuracy, strong cutting capacity and high throughput. In just a few years, there have been cutting machines with color display, full image operation guidance, visual processing and computer-assisted cutting of external programming and editing of production data. The purpose of all these improvements is always to make the cutting process more economical. The result is higher production per process and shorter lead times. Here are some important aspects of the cutting process.

1, material preparation 2, cutting process 3, loading paper and unloading paper 4, further processing requirements 5, requirements for employees.


   1, cutting material preparation -
Including paper inspection or quality control, including quantity quantification, and alignment of paper (centering - ie, regular gripping process alignment).

2, cutting process process - including the actual cutting operation,
The method of programming operation can be done manually, automatically, or it can also be done at other tables away from cutting.

In addition, it also includes automatic programming of the machine room, which can be supplemented with a help plan for material handling on the machine cutter table or paper cutter.

The necessary choice of machine cutters depends on the requirements of the specific cutting job process. It is becoming more and more important to reduce the waste of cutting under the conditions of industrialized high-scale production.

3, Cutter loading and unloading capacity.
The process can be manual or automated. Depending on the volume of the material, the paper can be loaded on the table through the front or back side of the cutter cutter. Depending on the required work flow, paper can be discharged on the left or right side of the machine cutter.

4. Requirements for further processing Cutting paper is not always the final stage. Often, materials are transported to another place for further processing. The cutter can therefore be linked to the next station to shorten the entire production cycle.

5, requirements for employees

Choosing who works next to the paper cutter is very important for productivity and efficiency, and many people cannot ensure maximum production. The important thing is how to arrange a person who has knowledge and ability, and is equipped with a combination of appropriate equipment and suitable equipment.

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