Christmas Night Carnival Party Makeup

Girls at the party always hope that they can become the most popular girl, although the gorgeous makeup will be extraordinarily dazzling, but the sense of distance is not the standard of girls, so how can we draw Impressive party makeup, and can continue to get praise?

Christmas Night Carnival Party Makeup

Sexy red lips

The cherries-like deep red lipstick is perfect for the party makeup, hot and sexy. The rich brilliance of the bright crimson contrasts with the glamorous eye makeup, highlighting the warmth and enthusiasm of the festival. You can choose high-saturated color elements such as gold red, coral red, reddish brown, etc. according to your skin color, so that your lips will instantly give off a rich, full-bodied brilliance. If you are afraid that your lips are not full enough, you can use the lip cream to moisturize the lips before applying makeup, presenting a rich lip from the inside out, and a sexy tortoise lip instantly.

Three-dimensional cheeks

A well-defined cheek will make the whole person look confident and charming. For the facial makeup in the dance, perhaps the makeup is always appropriate, but the three-dimensional, light-colored cheeks can best show the sexy and seductive side. Repairing the body first, then plasticizing is the key to creating cheeks. Therefore, when choosing a liquid foundation, you can choose a color that is 1-2 colors darker than your skin tone. Use a large brush to draw a proper amount of light copper shade powder and sweep it up from the side of the cheekbones to the side of the face to outline the face. Finally, a modified blush with photosensitive particles is applied to the cheekbone to improve facial contours.

Colorful shiny details

What is the sexy cheat of creating a ray of light? Of course, there is always a shimmering skin that glows at any time. Nowadays, many make-up brands will launch eye-catching or glittering eye makeup or powder makeup items for the party. There are almost all kinds of thick particles and various colors, such as rhinestone patches, which can be used for face, body and hair. Makeup and party makeup embellishment. Light and shadow glitter, just flick on the face and bare shoulders, neck and chest, the skin is like a layer of "diamond" is very sexy. Nail is also the focus of Bling Bling's effect. Choose nail polish with glitter particles, let your hands draw a magical light like a meteor in the light dance, and jump out of the moving and shining color.

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