Online shopping furniture popular price is the advantage to buy large furniture still need to be cautious

With the popularity of the Internet, online shopping furniture is becoming more and more popular. Because its biggest advantage is the cheap price. According to the staff of a local furniture network company in Dongguan, 80% of their customers are from the introduction of old customers. Consumers who have bought furniture in general will agree with the price of online shopping, and the price becomes the biggest advantage of online shopping.

According to the owner, Miss Zhang said: "The network furniture style is many, the quality is stable, the design is leading the fashion trend of furniture, the purchase is also very convenient, and the price is generally 2/3 of the similar physical store furniture, there are many discounts, very attractive. In the network Furniture stores can definitely find new and affordable furniture."

Why is there a price advantage for buying furniture online? According to reports, the network furniture company does not have the cost of furniture store venues, decoration, samples, sales staff, can be shipped at a flat price, small profits but quick turnover; another reason, most of the furniture sold online is exported furniture, furniture supply itself It's cheap, some styles are followed by export orders for furniture, some are best-selling products, a lot of customization, you can get a certain discount on the price. Although online shopping furniture is cheap, not all furniture is suitable for online shopping, and the most important thing is to choose a reputable network furniture sales company. If it is feasible, you can go to its physical store to see the goods. Generally, the more powerful network furniture companies have their own physical product showrooms.

On the goods purchased online, hardware, home textiles, small accessories, etc., because of the ease of mailing and rarely generate after-sales disputes, so the sales are good, the reporter found that the buyer reviews of such products are basically praise. The large pieces of furniture are mainly divided into two categories: some of the panel furniture support buyers DIY, and the use of flat packaging, easy to transport, this type of furniture is more in line with the convenience of online shopping, the price is relatively low, sales are good. Another part of the furniture is because the buyer can not assemble it by himself, sell the finished product directly in the online shop, or need professional staff to install the door, mainly sofas and solid wood furniture, and the price is relatively high. Therefore, when shopping for such large items, you still need to be cautious.

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