China's first lubrication friction characteristic measuring instrument came out

It was learned from Yangzhou University that the science and technology team of the College of Information Engineering of Yangzhou University, under the guidance of Dr. Zhu Liucun, a special expert of the National “Thousand Talents Program”, independently developed the first “portable multi-purpose lubrication friction characteristic measurement analyzer” in China. This achievement broke the foreign monopoly in one fell swoop, filled the domestic gap, and achieved a number of technological innovations, with broad application prospects.

According to reports, the traditional friction test equipment does not have the physical property measurement part, and the "portable multi-purpose lubrication friction characteristic measurement analyzer" is a friction material roughness measurement system, a lubricant viscosity measurement system, and an inner and outer diameter image measurement system of the friction element. A multi-purpose instrument consisting of a smart computer system. The innovation lies in the combination of physical property measurement data, experimental initial parameters, fluid dynamics model of friction element bonding process and rough contact model, which realizes the virtual test of the friction characteristics of friction elements, breaking the tribological study of time-consuming and consumables. Traditional test mode. It can be used not only for the performance testing of automotive wet clutch friction plates, but also for the friction elements such as brake pads, synchronizing rings and lubricating oils. It can be widely used in aviation, petrochemical, engineering machinery, machine tool equipment, motorcycles, etc. . The scientific research results have obtained one software copyright and three utility model patents, and two invention patents are being accepted.

Yuan Kailun, one of the makers of the analyzer, said, "The various indexes of the automobile can be revealed by the analysis of the friction and wear degree. It is a technical push for the independent research and development and manufacturing of the domestic automobile industry."

"This project technology can detect the friction parameters of test objects such as wet friction plates, lock-up clutches and brake pads ATF lubricants under various conditions. It is a high-performance multi-purpose lubrication friction characteristic intelligent measurement analyzer, its industry. The application prospects are quite promising," said the instructor Dr. Zhu Liucun.

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