Ten famous brands of electric water faucet lead a new round of kitchen and toilet revolution

Electric hot water faucets are attracting more and more attention. Faced with the assortment of electric hot water faucet brands on the market, it not only gives consumers more choices, but also makes consumers overwhelmed. When we buy, we often value the brand first. What are the top ten brands of electric faucets ? Today we will take a look at the introduction of the top ten famous brands of electric water faucets .

Top ten famous brands of electric hot water faucet1, Feiyu

Ningbo Soton Feiyu Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. The company cooperates with Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other well-known domestic universities to jointly develop high-tech products. It can produce 500,000 hot water faucets and 150,000 electric water heaters every year. The products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world. It is reputed as the top ten brands of electric water faucets. It is a member unit of the drafting of national standards for fast heating electric water heaters Science, industry and trade company integrating product development, production and sales.

The products are fashionable and beautiful, and the performance is stable, which is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. It has established a national sales network and after-sales service system, and has a high-quality sales service elite with excellent style, professional proficiency, and dedication.

Top ten famous brands of electric hot water faucet 2. Yale

Hong Kong Yale International Group, founded in 1989, is an entity enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It has a 20-year history, has strong production strength and technological development capabilities. It has won many national patents, and its products currently cover the whole country. Major cities, and exported to some countries in Southeast Asia, are generally trusted and praised by users and distributors.

Top ten famous brands of electric hot water faucet

Aotelang Electric Co., Ltd., established since 2000, has been committed to the development and production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly rapid electric water heater products. The draft unit of the national standard for fast-heating water heaters has opened 350 specialty stores throughout the country through ten years of unremitting efforts. With more than 2,300 sales outlets covering 30 provinces across the country, it has won provincial famous trademarks and well-known trademarks in China, becoming a veritable industry leading brand. As far as possible to meet the needs of customers and give investors the maximum return, while Atlan is also concerned about employees and partners.

Top ten famous brands of electric hot water faucet 4, Ke Yi Le

Keyile series of quick-heating electric water heaters and electric water heaters are characterized by safety, reliability, energy saving, high efficiency, durability, convenience and quickness. The fashionable appearance is deeply loved by consumers. The products cover major cities across the country and are exported to the United States , Russia, Germany, Italy, Britain, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, leading a new round of kitchen and toilet revolution.

Top ten famous brands of electric water faucet 5, Aibo

Guangzhou Aibao Home Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with the approval of the Hong Kong government to invest in Hong Kong. The company enjoys a high reputation in Asia and has become a leading representative of Hong Kong's technology. It is one of the top ten brands of electric faucets, a well-known faucet brand in China, and the most popular home appliance brand among Guangdong consumers. The company has an eleven-year history. The head office is located at North Point Electric Road in Hong Kong. It is currently the only kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturing company in Hong Kong.

Ten famous brands of electric hot water faucet 6, Yangtze

China Yangtze Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 as a large state-owned enterprise. The company operates strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system. It has strong technical force and a group of highly qualified management personnel. The company adheres to the foundation of product quality. With the aim of customer satisfaction. The leading products are Yangzi solar water heaters, Yangzi air energy pump water heaters, Yangzi instant electric water heaters, Yangzi rapid energy-saving electric water heaters, Yangzi water storage type electric water heaters.

In addition to the above-mentioned brands, the top ten famous brands of electric faucets are KUKEL, Lianer, Chuanfu, Jianuan. I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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Top ten brands of faucets


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