How to choose a bed for the elderly with poor lumbar spine

Carefully choose the elderly room furniture
In terms of furniture selection, the elderly should pay attention to environmental protection, safety and lightness, and must conform to the physical characteristics of the elderly. In addition to the safety of the home environment, the most important thing is to facilitate the use of the elderly. Jin Fuli Furniture
Reasonable function is to choose the key point
Old people like to do their own cleaning. Generally speaking, furniture can't be done too high. Otherwise, the old man should climb up to clean and easily accident. The furniture is best closed, avoiding falling ash and convenient cleaning. At the same time, it is not advisable to have over-the-top cabinets to reduce the climb of the elderly and reduce the presence of unsafe factors.
Especially in the arrangement of the drawers, the drawers are relatively increased. Old people can put their own items inside, easy to find. The lowermost layer of furniture, it is best not to design partitions or cabinet doors, because the old people's legs and feet are not good, it is more difficult to squat, and the depth of the partitions and cabinet doors is too long, it is not convenient to take things. If it is designed as a drawer, it is best to move the drawer handle up to facilitate the elderly to pull.
Furniture safety performance must be considered
In addition to the decline in physical fitness, the coordination ability of the elderly's body will also decline, so when choosing furniture for the elderly, try to avoid the abstract geometric shapes that young people like. Furniture should choose some sharp and sleek shapes to reduce the occurrence of accidents such as bumps and abrasions, and psychologically give the elderly a sense of security.
Use a number of round and elliptical shapes to minimize the shape of the shape with sharp corners such as diamonds and triangles. Try to use some symmetrical and balanced shapes to ensure the stability of the furniture, so as to visually give the elderly a sense of security.
According to reports, it is best not to choose the movable furniture with pulleys for the elderly, such as small coffee tables and small cabinets that can be slid, to prevent the elderly from moving and causing them to fall.
Bedding customization varies from person to person
Due to the different physical conditions of the elderly, the size and comfort requirements of the furniture are also different. If possible, the choice should be based on the physical condition or posture of the elderly.
Older people with poor lumbar vertebrae will require the bed to have a certain height and the bed should not be too soft. The width of the seat of the sofa and the seat should be large, and the large size makes it easier for them to sit up, and the movement is more free and more comfortable.
The seat should have armrests as much as possible, which can be used for the elderly to grasp when they sit up and increase the balance of the body balance.
Furniture attention silent noise reduction
Older people sleep very lightly and are easily woken up, so the silent design of the furniture cannot be ignored. The drawing of the ordinary drawer and the opening of the cabinet door are all tried to be muted. For example, the drawer is damped, and the quality of the cabinet door hardware is better. “Avoiding one person while sleeping, another person is too loud to wake up when switching furniture.”
As far as the bed is concerned, some beds are currently equipped with special steel frames, so that people can sleep very comfortably, and the number of turns can be reduced to achieve a silent effect; while some beds pass through special springs to make the night sleep and avoid waking up in bed. people.
The most important environmental protection of furniture
When people reach old age, their physical fitness and resistance decline, and health has become a major concern in the lives of the elderly.
Therefore, in the choice of materials, pay special attention to its environmental protection. To choose the panel furniture, we must first look at the environmental performance of the board, try to choose the brand products, try to choose the board above E0 level.
However, relatively speaking, many older people prefer natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. Wood is a traditional building and furniture material, its good physical properties are also more suitable for the processing of furniture, and the wood itself has a natural texture and has a very good decorative effect; bamboo, rattan and other materials can be visually and psychologically compatible with modern The specific amount of home made by people's environmental health awareness is generally light, reflecting a simple leisure, cool and elegant style. Older people can choose according to their preferences.
There are tricks in the space for furniture placement.
The furniture cabinets for the elderly should not be higher than the head, the drawers should not be lower than the knees, and should be placed against the wall as much as possible; the furniture with the height of the desk should be selected to facilitate the elderly to get up; the stability must be paid attention to when selecting these furniture. Do not use mobile furniture, folding, wheeled and other functional furniture, easy to accidents during use, causing harm to the elderly; place a small seat in the foyer, so that the elderly can sit and change shoes.
For the elderly, the smooth space makes them more convenient to walk. Therefore, the furniture shape of the old man's room should not be complicated, and it should not be more. It is simple and practical, leaving enough space for the elderly.
Old people generally have to get up at night, and their beds should be placed close to the door for easy access to the toilet. It is better to thicken the mattress with a hard mattress or a hard bed. For the elderly who suffer from rheumatism, lumbar muscle strain and bone hyperplasia, sleeping on a soft bed is detrimental to health. The height of the bed should be suitable, so that it is easy to get on and off the bed without sprain or fall, and the bedding should be light and warm. The bed of the old man is best placed in the north-south direction, in line with the direction of the Earth's magnetic field.
Since the elderly stay longer at home, it is necessary to consider setting up a seat and a sofa that allows the elderly to sit comfortably, and at the same time set up a coffee table or small table that is convenient for the elderly to place items in their hands. Such settings should be smooth, Strong shape.

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