Natel's in-line push-pull wardrobe evaluation makes it easy to create temperament

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The pressure brought by work and life makes people urgently need a simple and simple place to decompress themselves. The best place is definitely not a small family. Therefore, many young people choose modern and simple solid wood furniture during the decoration, which is practical and environmentally friendly. Today, the evaluation room ushered in the new inline push-pull wardrobe of Knightley , which not only has a sleek and simple shape and excellent storage function, but also combines aesthetics, practicality and durability.

Knight's wardrobe evaluation

Knight's in-line push-pull wardrobe evaluation

Knight's in-line push-pull wardrobe evaluation

Evaluation brand
Evaluation product
Built-in sliding wardrobe
main material

Dew River Solid Particle Board

Evaluation project

Appearance, details, materials, hardware accessories

For Bath

Soft Touch:Smooth texture, close to the skin, soft and comfortable.Natural selection of materials, more comfortable hand feeling, good water absorption.It will be softer and not easy to shed after washing many times

Bamboo Cloth For Bath

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