[Image Effect - Material Edition] Lunar surface texture

Step 1: Create a new file, fill it with a black background.

Step 2: Execute the menu filter-reder-lens flare, set the Brightness to 100, the Lens Type to 105mm Prime, and repeat. The effect is shown on the left.

Step 3: Execute the menu Image-adjust-levels to move the left black triangle to the right to the satisfaction value;

Step 4: Execute the menu Fitler-Stylze-Emboss data: angle 135; height 3;amount 500.

Step 5: Run the menu Fitler-Noise-add noise, set Amount to 40, select the Unifrom, Monochromatic item;

Step 6: Convert the image's mode to grayscale mode and back to RGB mode.

Step 7: Execute the menu Fitler-Render-ighting Effects settings as shown on the left:

Step 8: Results are shown on the left

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