The Aesthetic Value of Fractal Art Graphics and Its Design Application

Abstract: Fractal art graphic is an important form of fractal art. It is realized by fractal geometry language. The elements in fractal geometry language are not directly visible. They are visual figures that can be obtained only by numerical calculations based on certain algorithms and rules. The iterative nature of fractal graphics also determines that it is infinite in depth and breadth. This new type of art graphics has its own unique fractal shape characteristics. This paper discusses the aesthetic value of fractal art graphics and its application in modern art design.

Key words: Iterative self-similarity of fractal images I. The basic concepts of fractal The objective world of our life is composed of "shapes" of various shapes, sizes, and colors, which are compared with the Euclid geometric shapes of regularized studies. It presents an irregular or bizarre state, and the connotation of fractals provides a new way of describing the order and structure of this irregular, complex graphic phenomenon.

Fractal graphs are characterized by the coupling of computer logic language and art modeling. They are "irregular" graphics that can neither be described by classical geometric methods nor represented by traditional drawing methods. It has morphological irregularity, fine structure, self-similarity between local and global, non-integer dimension, generational iteration and so on. However, fractal graphs have a great variety of variations in self-similarity.

Second, the aesthetic value of fractal art graphics Fractal art is based on non-linear scientific principles, through computer numerical calculations generated by a certain aesthetic taste and scientific content of graphics or animation, and in a specific way to the audience to demonstrate, broadcast, display A visual art form. Fractal art graphics is one of the most important forms of fractal art. It is achieved through mathematical modeling and programming languages.

Fractal art graphics contain certain logical meanings, with harmonious colors and the formal rules of beauty, such as balance and symmetry, harmony and unity, specificity and change. But more are new visual effects beyond these traditional graphics, such as: 1. The balance of fractal maps is a dynamic balance, which is the balance of each part of the picture in the process of change; 2. The harmony of the fractal maps. , is a kind of mathematical harmony, each shape change, each color transition is a natural flow; 3. Fractal symmetry, is the partial symmetry of the picture with a larger range, or Partial and overall symmetry; 4. Fractal picture changes are bifurcations, entanglement, and rich transformations of irregular edges, giving people a natural and natural feeling. In the traditional sense of graphic aesthetics, although it has a long history and a wide range of applications, for the innovation of modern design art, it is difficult to achieve only the classical principles and methods. Can stimulate the audience's visual interest, in the realization of visual information communication at the same time enlighten the wisdom of graphic design, no doubt need to emphasize the aesthetic value of fractal art graphics research and application research.
From the perspective of fractal structure: 1. Fractal theory advocates order in chaos and abundance in unity. As Gombrich said: “The pleasure of aesthetics comes from the observation of patterns between certain boring and clutter. Monotonous patterns are difficult to attract people’s attention, and overly complex patterns make our perception system Excessive load and stop viewing it.” Although the structure of fractal graphics is complex, it is complex and not chaotic. It has an inherent order and self-similar structure, that is, the symmetry and unity of the local and the overall. This kind of symmetry eliminates the dullness of the symmetry of Euclidean geometries. The whole picture seeks momentum from the balance, and at the deep level, it has universal correspondence and constraints. 2. Fractal graphics contain infinite nesting structures. The nesting of this structure brings great richness of the picture, as if it contains endless creativity, so that the viewer can not easily see all the connotations inside. As Renoir, a French Impressionist master, put it, “it is not an art at a glance”, many great artworks have such characteristics. Like the Louvre, an observer can see a certain pleasing detail from any distance. When approaching or moving away, the viewer's structure shows a rhythmic visual aesthetic.

The intricacy, variety, splendor, and richness of fractal graphics not only evoke the magical creativity of the scientific world, but also make people feel the magical appeal of the art world. Science relies on analysis. Art depends on intuition. Beautiful fractal graphics are the perfect combination of scientific rationality and artistic experience, and they are the unity of mathematics and art. The reason that fractal graphics can give people great artistic shock is because of its harmony and unity with nature's mathematical connotation and human aesthetic needs.

Third, the design of fractal graphics application Fractal art first attracted public attention in 1985, published in the "Scientific American" on the Mandelbrot set of articles have had an impact. The famous Lucas Film Company has done a lot of pioneering work in using the fractal method to create a distinctive landscape. For example, the visual effects of fractal graphics were used in the editorials of “The Reincarnation of Jedi” and “Interstellar Journey II: The Wrath of Khan”; the fractal “Yamagata” made by Richard Voss on a computer has been used by IBM. In its advertising design, in the United States, postcards, calendars, and greeting cards designed using fractals have become commonplace. Young people's T-shirts and their decorations have also become a vast space for fractal applications. In China, at the “International Fiber Art Exhibition” held at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University in 2000, some exhibits (print scarves) were made using fractal methods; now there are also fractal map IC cards, fractal drawing playing cards, and fractals. Graphically decorated book covers and more.

As a new visual communication design method, fractal art graphics need to be further developed and expanded its application scope. At present, the application form of fractal graphics can be expanded from the following aspects: 1. Directly using fractal art graphics as an art graphic Make a decorative painting; 2. Use a fractal pattern as a decorative pattern for packaging materials, cards; 3. Use fractal drawings for the design of textile patterns and the realization of the printing and dyeing process; 4. According to the infinite magnification of fractal graphics and accuracy is not The nature of subtraction can be applied to architectural decoration design with high-precision fractal graphics. 5. Infinite self-similarity and fineness of fractal graphics are difficult to obtain by scanning and copying the originals. Therefore, fractal graphics can also be used for modern information encryption and anti-counterfeiting. Technology.

Conclusion The fractal graphic art belongs to the mathematical formula school in computer-aided design, which is different from the pop school that creates on the screen with tools such as hand-painted brushes or mouse plus scanners. Mathematical formula schools consciously use mathematical formulas for modeling, color, and composition design. They can, like painters, obtain artistic "inspiration", and feel the relationship between form and body, depth of space, cool colors, and the ability to use the internal structure of mathematical formulas and their color relationships. Show or warm and cheerful or solemn and solemn. The fractal figures obtained from numerical calculations based on certain algorithms and rules will go beyond the habitual thinking of the human brain to a certain degree. The works are often unexpected and random, and they are refreshing and have a strong visual impact. The aesthetic of the times infuses more vitality and interest into people’s lives.

â–  Wang Jiamin Guo Yayi
Source: "Decoration"