Libyan multinational oil company starts brewing to resume operations

With the fall of the Gaddafi government, multinational oil companies that were active in Libya before the war began brewing to resume operations here. Although there is still great uncertainty as to when the situation will be stable enough for multinational companies to return, existing companies have begun to approach the Libyan opposition and some companies have sent technical teams to help resume production.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been constant fighting between the opposition and the Gaddafi government, and the fighting is still continuing around Tripoli. Due to the turbulent situation, multinational oil companies were forced to evacuate their employees and production facilities were also caught in the war, causing most of the oil production in Libya to be interrupted.

Marathon Petroleum and ConocoPhillips jointly develop the Waha oil field in Libya. The average oil and gas production of the field before the war reached about 350,000 barrels per day. John Porretto, a spokesman for Marathon Oil, said: "It is too early to speculate on the timetable for returning to Libya, but we are planning to assess the extent of damage to the field and some conventional problems that will occur in abandoned fields. Preparations for recommencing production. The company has already communicated with the Libyan opposition regime on the company ’s current status in Libya ’s oil production facilities. The goal is to formulate a plan to resume production. ”ConocoPhillips said that the company is still unclear about Waha The extent of the damage to the oil field currently has no timetable for sending workers back to Libya.

BP said on August 22 that it will return to Libya as soon as the situation permits and resume its oil and gas exploration projects in Libya. BP has not reached any commercial cooperation agreement with the Libyan National Transitional Council, and has not yet determined a timetable for the evacuation of employees to return to Libya.

A spokesperson for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on August 22 that Eni, one of Libya ’s largest oil and gas operators, has sent a technical team to help restore Libya ’s oil and gas production operations.

Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Repsol of Spain, which were also active in Libya, declined to say when they would start production.

As one of OPEC member countries, Libya is the 17th largest in the world and the third largest oil exporter in Africa. Before the outbreak of civil war in Libya, the daily output of oil was 1.6 million barrels, accounting for 2% of world oil production. Affected by the civil war, Libya stopped oil exports at the beginning of this year, and international oil prices surged sharply. After the news of the opposition's capture of Tripoli, the price of Brent crude oil fell sharply in early trading on August 22, and then recovered some of the lost ground, but the settlement price still fell by 0.2% to 108.36 US dollars per barrel.

For the new Libyan government, restoring oil export earnings is one of the top priorities. Goldman Sachs said on August 23 that even if the civil war is over, Libya will still face challenges to resume oil production and exports. Goldman Sachs pointed out that in the absence of foreign engineers, there are many obstacles to resuming the interruption of Libyan oil production and exports.

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