Poland has developed a new type of high-efficiency insect pheromone for killing forest pests

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to recent news from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Polish News Agency reported that the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences developed a new type of efficient insect pheromone at the request of a German company. The test results prove that the use effect far exceeds the original expectations. .

It is reported that people in the industry are well known that insect pheromones are a kind of volatile substances secreted by organisms in order to communicate information. Its functions are diverse, some are that female organisms notify male organisms of her existence, some are informed that there is a large amount of food available nearby, and some even warn similar species of danger to evacuate. The use of pheromones to kill pests has a long history in forest protection.

The new insect pheromones developed by Polish scientists are environmentally friendly and inexpensive to use. The results of experiments conducted in areas such as Dresden and Leipzig in Germany where a large number of beech, oak, birch, pine and maple trees are grown are overwhelming. The use of insect pheromones and traps can not only lure common mealworms that infestation Europe for many years, but also have a significant effect on some pests of the same kind.

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