Determination of total surface area and external surface area of ​​carbon black by nitrogen adsorption method (GB / T 10722-2003)

1. This standard modification adopts ASTM D 6556: 2000a "Determination of total surface area and external surface area of ​​carbon black by nitrogen adsorption method" (English version). This standard replaces GB / T 10722-1999 "Method for determination of nitrogen adsorption of carbon black specific surface area" because the original standard is technically backward.
2. This standard specifies the principles, significance, uses, reagents, materials, instruments, sampling, and analysis steps of measuring the total surface area and external surface area by the multi-layer method of multi-layer adsorption theory of Brunauer, Emmett, Telter (BE.T NSA). , Result calculation, precision and test report.
3. This standard applies to carbon black for rubber, pigment black and acetylene black; this standard also applies to white carbon black
4. Nitrogen adsorption surface area (NSA) nitrogens urfacea rea ​​(NSA)
According to BE T theory, the total specific surface area of ​​carbon black calculated from nitrogen adsorption data.
Statistical Thickness Surface Area (STSA)
Using de Boer theory and carbon black model, the external specific surface area calculated from nitrogen adsorption data
5. Principle At liquid nitrogen temperature, the total surface area and external surface area are calculated by the number of carbon molecules adsorbed from a certain partial pressure of nitrogen by carbon black. The NSA value and STSA value can be calculated by the adsorption parameters.
6. Significance and use This test method is to determine the total surface area and external surface area of ​​carbon black on the basis of multi-point nitrogen adsorption. The total surface area including micropores with a pore diameter of less than 2 nm is measured on the basis of the BE .T theory; the external surface area measured on the basis of the statistical adsorption layer thickness method is considered to be the specific surface area accessible to rubber molecules.

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