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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Everyone has a special liking for the cloakroom. If you want to design a cloakroom in the bedroom, there is still a certain demand for the size of the bedroom. Therefore, the small-sized bedroom should be decorated and designed according to the actual needs of the bedroom cloakroom. If your bedroom is suitable for designing a bedroom cloakroom, the following bedroom cloakroom design can be studied.

The bedroom cloakroom design recommends one:

Bedroom cloakroom design

Bedroom cloakroom design

The wardrobe for double-sided application is divided into two parts, the dressing room is divided into two, and the clothing storage area of ​​the male and female owners is separated. The space of the hostess is more intimately added to the jewelry storage cabinet, and the function is more perfect.

Bedroom cloakroom design recommendation 2:

Bedroom cloakroom

Bedroom cloakroom design

The same function can be stored in the main bedroom, the small entrance, in addition to the wallpaper-rich embellished wardrobe , the moving line into the complete dressing room, also resolves the shackles of the private sector.

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