The wardrobe market "profiteering era" is gone forever

At present, the competition in China's wardrobe industry is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rising cost of raw materials and labor, the era of profiteering in the past is gone forever. In order to seize more market share, many companies are engaged in price wars. However, behind this, some companies are still suffering.
The “profiteering era” is gone forever under the temptation of broad market prospects. In recent years, more and more new brands have emerged in the wardrobe market. It is undeniable that this has injected new blood into the development of the wardrobe industry, but it has also intensified market competition. Many relevant person in charge of the company admitted that the wardrobe market is now divided, the profits of the company are decreasing, and the era of profiteering in the past is gone forever.

Price war "a pity of eating tasteless"
At present, China's wardrobe industry is in a period of development. In order to seize the market, many wardrobe enterprises are striving to be the industry leader and engage in price wars. "This is not conducive to the maturity of the wardrobe industry. The price war can only be tried after the industry has matured and can withstand it." Industry insiders said. The wardrobe is an industrial product and a personalized product. If it is not designed for customers, it will cause a lot of trouble.
In the eyes of the industry, some wardrobe companies saw price wars in other industries playing hot and fighting price wars; some wardrobe dealers used price wars to attract a lot of customers, but later, because of the wardrobe designer The overall level and quality of service have not kept up, making the quality of wardrobe products greatly reduced, many customers are not satisfied, requiring rework, maintenance, and even return orders.
With the increasing competition in the industry, the effect of the common promotion method of price war has gradually weakened, and the wardrobe enterprises can only find a new way out.

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