Eyelash curling must know the eye makeup skills

Eyelash curling must know the eye makeup skills

The most easy part of the makeup is the eye makeup. I believe that many people are also getting the most time in the eye makeup. But most of the time is "the mascara can not be painted", "eye makeup is dizzy Panda bears and other eye makeup troubles, this time we will introduce you to the ideal mascara skills that can make men straight and cute.

The key to good eye makeup is "use mascara". Mascara is like the foundation of the foundation, so your eyelash curling will affect the makeup of the day............

The mascara looks more beautiful. It is also a fan-shaped eyelash. For people who have difficulty trying to apply eyelashes, they always try many times. It is recommended to warm the eyelash curler in advance, and the plastic part of the eyelash curler is facing the warm wind of the hair dryer. You can have a long-lasting curl right away (be careful when you are warm).

When the eyelashes are clipped, the curl is extracted from the roots, and then the curl is clipped in the middle of the eyelashes and the tip of the hair.

In addition, the part with the "big eye effect" is accidentally placed on the lower eyelashes, and the eyelash curler is turned upside down to take the lower eyelashes out of the curling degree, and only a moment can have a big eye effect.

The reason for the panda eye is that the skin's sebum and sweat penetrate into the eyeliner and mascara. The precautionary technique is to apply the powder to the lower eyelid after applying the foundation. The film of the powder prevents oil and sebum, allowing you to stay away from the panda eye all day long.

What do you think? The panda eye is one of the makeups that makes men feel a pity. Please try the above techniques to have a beautiful eye makeup that can be maintained at night.

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