Winter whitening and moisturizing cosmetics recommended

Winter is not only the leaves of trees and leaves, but people are also affected. The moisture of the skin is easily taken away. Therefore, if you want the skin to look tender and tender, whitening and moisturizing cosmetics are essential. Nowadays, both domestic cosmetics brands and international cosmetics brands have successively launched their own brand of whitening and moisturizing cosmetics for MMs to choose from. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!
Whitening Moisturizing Cosmetics Cosmetics Recommended LANEIGE Whitening Clear Moisturizing Fluid
Whitening and moisturizing cosmetics recommended NO.1
Dreamtimes M1 HD HD Dream Milk (Moisturizing)
Specification: 120ml ¥:97RMB
Humidity: ★★★★☆
Product Features: Dreamtimes M1 series is a basic skin care series specially developed for young Asian skin. The high-purity skin rejuvenating ingredient D-SPINO extracted by natural photolysis extraction technology penetrates into the skin surface through small molecule water HD2.0 system. The skin has sufficient moisture and nutrient power to achieve deep moisturizing effect. Long-term use can make the skin feel smooth and smooth, white and shiny, and create a dreamy natural high-definition skin! Add RP+ ingredients to effectively alleviate computer radiation and solve the problem caused by radiation. Dry skin, dull skin and other issues.
User Comments: The lotion moisture is very good, these days the face is completely peeling, and it is still very moist.
Whitening and moisturizing cosmetics recommended NO.2
LANEIGE Whitening Clear Moisturizing Fluid
Specification: 120ml ¥:265RMB
Humidity: ★★★☆
Features: Whitening moisturizer with Melasolv's high-efficiency whitening ingredients to create fresh and translucent skin. A new enhanced formula. TARWhite Complex whitening complex that keeps bright, fair skin for a long time. A water spray that is as light and quickly absorbed as pure water gives you a fresh, clean skin feel.
User Comments: It's really moisturizing! It's also a good friend in winter! Using this bottle in a cold and chilly climate, my skin blends with its moisturizing degree, and there is no sense of discomfort at all; In addition, it protects my skin from dryness. Although the price is a little expensive, its ingredients are really worth using in the winter!
Whitening and moisturizing cosmetics recommended NO.3
ZA沁漾 moisturizing lotion
Specification: 100ml ¥:118RMB
Humidity: ★★★★☆
Product Features: Replenish moisture, create soft and moist skin, and solve the problem of dry and greasy skin caused by lack of water from the source. Moisturizing and fresh feeling of use, not sticky. With the excellent energy lock water ingredients, the skin is not easy to dry and greasy. Green tea aroma. The creatures in the desert have the function of preserving water to survive even in extremely hot and dry environments. Focusing on this function, we have developed the excellent water-locking component, which maintains moisture balance, continuously moisturizes the skin, and protects the skin from dryness and greasyness. .
User Comments: Alcohol taste is too heavy, a little thin, but with the same series of water, summer is good.
Whitening and moisturizing cosmetics recommended NO.4
Ouquan Lin clear whitening moisturizing lotion
Specification: 50ml ¥:98RMB
Humidity: ★★★★★
Features: Developed specifically for Asian skin, tested by clinical and consumer tests. Contains sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture, moisturize and condition skin texture The texture is refreshing, easy to push open, smooth and smooth after application, and the lasting moisturizing ability is amazing! It also contains whitening ingredients, vitamin C glycoside, European plum extract and Yoshino cherry leaf extract, which can crush stubborn melanin precipitation and block melanin. It is effective in reducing dark spots and improving uneven skin tone and poor skin quality, while giving the skin an immediate translucent light.
User Comments: It feels refreshing and moisturizing, can enhance the moisturizing power inside the skin, and make the skin's moisturizing function reach the best balance. Although it is refreshing, it can moisturize and is not sticky. This kind of lotion is suitable for any skin type. The texture is mild and the skin is more shiny after use.

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