How do children crying and buying toys? How can parents handle the growth of their children?

When a child sees a toy and wants to buy or cry to buy a toy, there are usually two endings. One is to buy toys for children, and the other is not to buy toys for children. How to deal with the child's growth is more helpful, today talked with parents about the topic of children buying toys.

Phenomenon <<< See other people have toys, must also buy
"There are a lot of toys for children at home. The baby just goes to the children's house to play and see the toys they like. When they get home, they want to go with the family, crying and having to buy them right away, don't buy them. When I was tired, the child was sure to get angry. I just beat the child because of this." Ms. Wang Lin, who lives in Chengyang Street, told her family about some stories about buying toys. Her baby is three years old. "When the child got into trouble, he couldn't do anything. He was upset at home and later promised to buy him a toy."
"On one occasion, his grandmother took the baby to the supermarket and went to the toy area. He saw a toy and ran with the toy. His grandmother caught up and said to the baby, yesterday, Dad just bought a toy and can't buy it today. How? I can't do anything. When I'm in a hurry, I burst into tears. I watched him crying and insisted on not buying. Then the baby rolled directly on the ground. Finally, his grandmother distressed the child and bought the toy for the baby. "Dana, who lives in Xiazhuang Street, told reporters.
Suggestion <<< Do not buy a toy if the child is crying
Xin Xin, a teacher at the Early Learning Center, gave some suggestions on how many children bought toys on their own. Usually the toys that the child does not have at home, he will want to have it when he sees it. Children and adults want toys to habitually cry, he also slowly understand the temper of adults, as long as a cry, adults will compromise, they will buy toys. Over time, crying became a weapon for him to use toys with adults. Teacher Xin Xin said: "It is recommended that parents should insist on and unify their opinions. If you don't buy, you don't buy them. If you cry, then you won't buy them. At the beginning, the baby's request is rejected, and it will be sad. But as long as the parents insist on not buying toys, Next time, the baby knows that even if he is crying, his family will not buy it. After a long time, he will not be unreasonable."
Support <<<< respect the child, but not allowed to make trouble
Hou Yan, who has been working for eight years at Liuting Airport Kangbei Kindergarten in Chengyang District, Qingdao, said that children need to be respected as they grow up. Parents must first get the child's trust. Parents must promise to do things with their children. They promise to buy toys for their children. But this kind of promise or reward must be planned, and you can't buy toys for your child every day. Hou Yan said that once the parents get the trust of the child, he will obey, and when he meets the child crying to buy a toy, he will eventually listen to the parents. Once the child is crying, it is impossible to tell him the reason. On weekdays, the parents should talk to the child and ask him to know that the toy can be bought, but the parents need to agree. In the case of children crying in order to buy toys, Hou Yan suggested that parents should "dry" the children first, and insist on not buying toys in the end, during which the child's attention can be appropriately transferred.
Parents share <<< educating children themselves to spend money on toys
Sun Xiling, who lives in Liuting Street, is a girl. The child is already four years old. She said: "I usually like to let the children spend their own money, and then use the money to reward the children appropriately. She usually saves her money and the children are generally obedient. The mall saw his favorite doll, although I couldn't put it down, I didn't promise to buy it for her. She would still let it down. On the birthday, in order to reward her for the performance of the kindergarten, let her take the usual pocket money and let her own She was very happy to pick a doll."

Learn to love your toys
"Children like toys are often out of curiosity. Now adults are willing to pay for their children to buy toys. It is not a great cherish for children to have more toys. I will organize the children's toys in batches, once the children have enough toys in front of them. He took out the toys he had neglected, and he liked it very much. Usually I gave the children how to organize the toys themselves, and the children would love their toys." Li Haijiang of the street of Xuanhongtan said his own educational experience.
Let children develop good habits of thrift
Ms. Liu Xiao, who lives in Shangma Street, also has her own set of fertility minds. “My family is a boy, three and a half years old. Boys, they have to cultivate some good habits from childhood, develop diligence and save, and have a sense of responsibility. When I communicate with him. He will tell him that Mom and Dad don't have a lot of money to buy toys for you. You have to cherish the toys, you can't buy them and buy them. Once in the supermarket, he is optimistic about a car and wants to go, I shouted that he said to his mother. With less than 10 dollars, your toy is too expensive to buy. He will put down the toy very obediently and say he can't buy too expensive toys."

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