How to do wooden wardrobe and pest control skills in the wooden wardrobe at home

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] When I choose a wooden wardrobe , it is inevitable that it will be invaded by insects, especially accidentally being touched by the gap. After the rainy weather, it is easy to moldy insects, the home How to do the wooden wardrobe with insects, this period of China wardrobe network recommended wooden wardrobe maintenance skills, to avoid the invasion of wooden wardrobe by insects.

Wooden wardrobe pest control skills: paint brush

For some corners that have not been damaged, use the coatings such as raw tung oil, shellac or varnish to brush the surface of the wooden cabinet to isolate the mites from the air and achieve the purpose of preventing cockroaches. It should be noted that when painting, the front and back sides and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be evenly painted.

Wooden wardrobe pest control skills

Wooden wardrobe insect control tips: liquid spray

When the wooden cabinet is damaged by insects, it can be mixed with dichlorvos and water in a ratio of 1:5, and sprayed with a sprayer to allow the liquid to penetrate into the wooden cabinet. It should be sprayed continuously for 3-5 times. After 8 hours, Can kill all aphids. After that, wash the wooden cabinet with water and dry it.

Wooden wardrobe insect control tips: clean and wash

On sunny days, put the wooden cabinets that have been wormed in the sun, and paint the wooden cabinets with a brush or cotton yarn and diesel. After drying for two or three hours, apply it again and then expose it to the aphid. Then wash and dry with washing powder.

Wood wardrobe insect control tips: beware of termites

When wood furniture finds long worms, you have to do termite control work. Now the termite medicine is also very scientific. As long as there is a poison, it will infect the full-length termites like a virus, and the result will be killed.

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