Untreated PET Screen Printing Ace Ink

When more customers, especially those in North America, place orders for domestic manufacturers, they must specify that the company must use the United States Lisa 9600 series inks. It can be seen that the customer's trust in the ink is unusual.

9600 series ink is a high quality product of American Lisa Company. It is mainly designed for untreated polyester (PET) and has excellent adhesion to untreated PET, PET coating, PC and other materials. In addition, the ink has excellent flexibility and is suitable for industries that require high quality inks such as membrane switches and vacuum molding. According to market research reports, in some developed countries and regions such as North America, the 9600 series of inks have a relatively high market share in the high-end screen printing industry (such as the membrane switch industry) and are showing a growing trend. In recent years, domestic membrane switch, vacuum forming, signage and other industries have developed rapidly, providing a good macro environment for the 9600 series.

For the membrane switch, vacuum forming, etc., the softness and negativeness of the ink is very critical, because the ink with good flexibility can withstand the convex and bending treatment, and the ink with poor flexibility will appear cracking phenomenon. The flexibility of the 9600 Series inks is excellent, and ink cracking does not occur even with unusually aggressive processing. This is an important factor in the continued success of the membrane switch industry.

After the 9600 series inks are dry, except for 9652, the high hiding power is flat and the rest colors have a high gloss. If you want to reduce the gloss of the ink, you can add a certain percentage of 9648 dumb agent.

The 9600 series is available in a wide range of colors to meet the diverse needs of different customers. In addition to standard printing colors, dot colors, and eight transparent colors, there are also 80 series of single color pigments.

The 9600 Series inks also have excellent high-temperature resistance and can withstand several seconds even at high temperatures of 180°C.

The 9600 Series inks are lightfast but are not recommended for outdoor use. To meet outdoor use, 6 to 10% of 223790 urethane varnish B can be added.

Application process:

Wire mesh: 200-330 mesh/inch monofilament mesh.

Screen: solvent resistant screen.

Drying: Dry by evaporation of solvent. Dry at room temperature for 20-40 minutes, 32-66°C, for a few seconds.

Hiding power: All colors except PB'S and halftones are opaque.

Printed area: 1200 to 1800 square feet per gallon

Thinner: 9630 thinner or 9631 slow drying agent, about 10% added

Varnish and additives:

9627 Varnish: Reduces color density or adjusts all powder

9648 Matting agent: for reducing gloss, adding less than 20% by weight

The catalyst ND70 was added in a ratio (weight ratio) of NB70:ink=1:9, and the pot life after mixing was 8 hours.

Wash Net: 9637 wash net water.


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