Corrugated box production cost reduction solution

Carton enterprises should be big and powerful, and they can't blindly pursue orders. Effective control and reduction of production costs can also make considerable profits. Only by reducing costs, increasing profit margins, and profiting management, technology, and equipment, can we really strengthen our own strength.

First, the impact of the cost of the carton

Including: equipment (cost, specifications, use string), batch, material, process, loss (reduce scrap rate), area, box type (improved package design), processing difficulty, freight, payment period (fund withdrawal), etc.

Factors Affecting Carton Profitability

Including: (1) Paper Twist (TUR) of corrugating machine; (2) Suitable corrugating roller, ie corrugating rate (using corrugated rod coated with tungsten carbide, can save core paper and extend the life of corrugating roller) (3) Efficient sales work (high-margin strings and clerk's contribution strings can increase the company's profit margin); (4) the effect of change order downtime on profits; (5) Different costing methods for the same orders The profit rate may give different results.

Carton business survival conditions

Including: (1) improving the degree of automation of equipment and reducing excess labor; (2) reducing losses and waste in the production process and reducing the cost of scrap; (3) providing high-quality cardboard and cartons.

Productivity - a sign of the merits of the company

Including: (1) paper loss rate; (2) machine efficiency, efficiency; (3) production, delivery cycle; <4) inventory of finished products and semi-finished products.

The choice of the carton company's fate

Including: (1) Finding “time cost”; (2) Preventing excessive equipment investment (depreciation expense); (3) Preventing excessive product and excessive returns; (4) Preventing delays in delivery (assuming default risk).

Really achieve high profit growth

Including: (1) Pursuing effective growth; (2) Developing value-added packaging solutions; (3) Continuing acquisitions and mergers; (4) Optimizing and combining resources; (5) Increasing efficiency; (6) Giving full play to the intelligence of talents .

Second, carton manufacturers to reduce the cost of the solution

1. Buy "high speed wide" cardboard production line (wide 1.8-2.Om), speed 180-200m/min, not only save money, but also good efficiency.

2. The performance indicators of the corrugated board production line can assess whether the corrugated board production line is operating at full capacity.

3. Reasonably select the base paper and core paper to ensure the strength of the corrugated box, and use the “corrugated paperboard material optimization system”. When the box type is determined, the matching/discharging becomes the key to cost-optimized design. (1) The selection of grades of corrugated base paper and linerboard, such as A and B grade linerboards, should use A grade corrugated paper as much as possible, and D and E grades should be C and D grades. (2) Increasing the weight of the corrugated base paper is beneficial to reduce the cost. Generally, the weight ratio between the linerboard and the corrugated base paper is preferably kept within the range of 2:1.

4. The high-quality corrugating roller can use the minimum corrugated paper to produce the same strength carton, which can save 1/10 or 1/100 of the cost per year. The investment return period is 3-12 months or even shorter.

5. Control the standard humidity of the warehouse and packing area, 64-70F°C.

6. Carry out the production of cartons of quality grades (can reduce waste).

7. The processing area of ​​the carton is optimized (the box type design and the tile type), and the carton area is different for the different opening methods of the same size carton.

8. Carton companies should use their own plates (flexo and watermarked resin plates) to save 40-50% of platemaking costs. Using the same laser engraving machine, the use of rubber plates is less expensive than resin plates, and the efficiency is also doubled.

9. Establishing a cooperation mechanism with paper mills: Supplying base paper supply channels with stable quality and reasonable prices all the year round is an effective way to reduce the cost of corrugated board (paper cost accounts for about 70% of carton sales price). Promote the integration of the papermaking business and the carton business and the acquisition and merger of the industry. “Papermaking by oneself and making its own box” has become the trend of development. The advantages of this model are: (1) stable profits; (2) higher supply chain efficiency; (3) more reliable raw material supply and sales channel protection.

10. Establishing an interactive mechanism with the ink factory: The ink factory provides computerized ink dispensers to replace the manual ink transfer to reduce the use of ink by one percentage point, and to control the average consumption of ink per square meter. Each ink is recovered by the ink manufacturer. The remaining product after ink is one of the effective ways to reduce costs. (to be continued)

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