Adhesive additive purchase principle

With the increasingly fierce competition in the carton packaging industry, more and more manufacturers are aware of the importance of improving product quality, and this has a lot to do with the adhesive known as the “blood” of cardboard production lines. It is clear that 50 Many years of ordinary starch binders have failed to meet the requirements of the current market, many manufacturers began to pay attention to the selection and use of starch adhesive additives. The status of starch adhesive additives market

Starch adhesive additives on the market today are numerous and varied.

According to the source, there are no more than two kinds of imports and domestic products. Imported starch adhesive additives have good performance and quality. After all, these products have been approved by many large packaging companies in Europe, Australia, the Americas and other countries. Under such circumstances, they entered China with great potential in this market, such as Uninet's high-strength water-reinforcement enhancer CF2, general-purpose adhesion additive, and birch adhesion strength. Agent, easy morning adhesion additive, national starch and so on. There are more varieties of domestic starch adhesive additives. In addition to the companies mentioned above, there are Taiwan Yi Hua, Jiangxi Hongxing, Zhejiang Huangyan Starch Modifier, Zhaoqing Adhesive Additives, Xuegong Brand Additives, Changzhou Tianyuan, etc.

According to the classification of raw materials for production of adhesive additives, two types of adhesive additives, chemical synthesis and plant extracts, can be classified. Most of the starch-adhesive additives are chemically synthesized macromolecule compounds, and some also contain some preservatives. Currently, only the author's company's CF2 adhesive additive uses a unique binder in wood as a raw material. The products produced are green products.

In accordance with the name of the adhesive additives, in fact, the overall name is a starch adhesive additive, but some manufacturers named it as a starch adhesive modifier, as well as bridging agents, crosslinking agents, starch modifiers, strengthening agents, Stabilizers, stabilizers, etc. According to their different methods of use, some manufacturers use a single product; some manufacturers want to use two products, such as bridging agent and stabilizer combination, cross-linking agent and stabilizer combination; some manufacturers even To use the three products together, in short, all kinds of cooperation according to the actual situation of the required manufacturers.

In terms of price, the price of imported adhesive additives is generally higher, and some domestically produced additives have comparable prices and imports. Of course, some domestic adhesive additives are relatively cheap.

In accordance with the regional differences in a variety of adhesive additives, first of all, the Pearl River Delta concentrated the most advanced corrugated board production line in the country, most of the raw paper used is imported pure wood pulp, so the main market for imported adhesive additives is also in this area; Followed by the Yangtze River Delta region, in this area can be found in the import of advanced cardboard production lines, but most are still relatively backward production equipment, the most important thing is that the raw materials used here are basically made of recycled paper, the kind of paper Bonding is relatively easy, so manufacturers here prefer to use low-priced domestic additives, and some do not even use such products; the final is the mainland and northern regions, there is no need for adhesive additives.

How to choose a supplier

How to choose adhesive additives suitable for the performance of the company to meet the requirements of the company's products and production needs is the key to the smooth production of the company. Therefore, when purchasing starch adhesive additives, the following five points should be considered:

First, we must consider whether we need to improve the quality of the product in our own production. For example, the hardness of the paperboard is not enough or the paperboard has special requirements for moisture protection. After clarifying our own needs, we can only look for adhesive additives. .

Secondly, the current products are all about green packaging, and especially export packaging is not green. Therefore, when choosing a binding additive supplier, it is necessary to consider whether his adhesive additives are among the environmentally friendly products. It is advisable to ask suppliers to provide relevant information. Proof, such as SGS without heavy metal certification.

Third, see if the supplier can provide the sample needed for the test for free.

Fourth: Looking at the pre-sales technical service of the supplier, the technical engineer appointed by the supplier should first train the operators of the paperboard production line. The focus of the training is to introduce the product's performance and some issues that need attention in using this product. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the actual production situation of the operating workers; secondly, it should grasp the current state of the paper used by the enterprise, the performance of the equipment, and various properties of the adhesive used, such as formula, viscosity, gelatinization temperature, gelatinization time, solid content, starch type, etc. This can provide a good technical reference for the test additives; in the end he should tell every worker on the production line the test plan to get their support.

Fifth: Looking at the after-sales service of the supplier, it is not always possible to fully express the performance of an adhesive additive product. It is not possible to do it overnight, even after completely using an adhesive additive. There will be some problems. If there is a problem, the determination is caused by the adhesive, and when the supplier is required to send a technical service engineer to help solve these problems, it can respond in time.

How to judge the quality of additives

It is difficult to judge the quality of the adhesive additive alone. All you can know is the most intuitive, such as the color, status and viscosity, specific gravity, PH value, etc., provided on the manual. It truly judges the quality of the adhesive additive. The time is in the test process (that is, the test machine).

First of all, you can refer to the second point in "purchasing how to choose a supplier" to judge whether the technical service engineer appointed by the supplier is professional. If you have a professional technical level, then his product is worth a try.

Second, the quality of the adhesive additive is good, then the viscosity of the adhesive added with it will increase at a constant temperature or at a lower temperature, and the viscosity will decrease when stirring or increasing the temperature; an agent will also be assigned to track the viscosity and the gelatinization temperature of the adhesive on the production line. The change.

Thirdly, we should sample the produced cardboard for various physical performance tests. Of course, at the beginning of the experiment, the measured data is generally irrelevant. The important thing is that after a day or two of sampling, the result should be quality. It is constantly improving.

Finally, the test template should be placed for a period of time, such as three days or longer, and then perform various physical performance tests on the template in turn. Compare the test results with the results of the three-day test to determine the additive quality. Good and bad

Other considerations

â–  require suppliers to provide product testing reports, if necessary, can also send a special agency for testing;

â–  The stability of the product, strict inspection of products with long production date;

â–  Coordination and timeliness of delivery methods, timely and effective processing of complaints and feedbacks;

In addition, before the next purchase order, it is advisable to formulate a detailed written contract, which clearly stipulates the purchase price, inspection method, delivery method, delivery place, product mark, etc. to ensure that both parties can conduct business in accordance with the contract. .

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