New flexible packaging beverage box

Patent Name New Flexible Packaging Beverage Box Patent Applicant Yu Long Master Applicant Address 430040 Hubei Wuhan Wujiashan Middle School Inventor Yu Long Application (Patent) No. 200520094872.5 Application Date 2005.01.11 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2759961 Validation Announcement Date 2006.02. 22 Specification CD-ROM D0608-2 Main classification number B65D85/72 (2006.01) I Classification number B65D85/72 (2006.01) I; B65D77/28 (2006.01) I Division Original application number Priority item Abstract A new flexible packaging beverage box, Including: the packaging box 1 , and the suction pipe piece is a box-inner hose which is formed through the outer box to form an outer suction pipe and the other end is equipped with a film-like suction nozzle fixed at the bottom of the box. Its advantages are: simple structure, convenient operation and hygiene, no waste. Sovereignty item 1. A new type of flexible packaging beverage box, comprising: a packaging box (1), characterized in that: a straw (2) comprises: a section is placed inside the packaging box (1) and is bendable, and its entrance is covered with a film (5) The other section is outside the packing box (1), and is closely attached to the outer wall of the packing box (1) and covered with a peeling film (3).

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