Bubble cap cartoning machine with a maximum speed of 800/min

Campak recently introduced the high-speed CAM KO cartoning machine, which is positioned as a blister packaging application for pharmaceuticals or confectionery. The speed design is consistent with the speed of the rapid thermoforming equipment, and can generally complete more than 600 foams per minute. The cartoning operation of the hood can reach a maximum speed of more than 800 per minute.
CAM KO is a continuous motion mechanical drive device designed with a drum in the center of the machine. The drum rotates in a vertical plane to drive the overall operation of the product and carton thruster.

Source: Packaging Machinery

The Crash Cymbals are used to emphasis the stress,so the knock forcef is normally big. The size of the percussion crash cymbal is 16'', 17'' and 18''. The crash cymbals common combination is 16'' and 18'', and place each on left and right side. The Percussion Cymbals are used with the small Snare Drum to make the best effect. B20 crash cymbals are made by manual. The tone quality is very popular.

crash cymbals percussion cymbals


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Crash Cymbals

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