Cultural Affinity of Packaging Design (I)

Abstract: Based on the concept of packaging system design and the application of the market, from the aspects of the meaning, realization principle and implementation approach of packaging design “cultural affinity”, the interactive, changing, culturally characteristic and humane packaging design The "affinity" issue was discussed in depth. The “cultural affinity” of packaging modeling comes from sticking to the “people-oriented” humanized design concept and the principle of emotional design from packaging. As a packaging designer, we must adhere to the “creating the spirit of the times” and adhere to the “type”. In order to promote the prosperity and healthy development of packaging design, with the "emotional" touching design method.

Keywords: package styling harmonious society design principles cultural affinity

The economic development, advancement of science and technology, and the improvement of people’s cultural life have made a profound change in people’s concept of consumption. The emergence and spread of new sales methods such as supermarkets, direct sales, and franchise have shortened the distance between products and people. The product communicates with shoppers through the packaging image and “talks” to achieve the purpose of promoting consumer purchases. This makes packaging become the salesman of products and the spokesperson of the product's own image. At the same time, due to the increase in brands of similar products, The competition between products has become increasingly fierce, and consumers’ quest for cultural needs and personalization of goods has gradually taken the lead.In any case, the requirements for product packaging have not only been limited to the realization of the basic functions of packaging protection. The pursuit of “interactive, changing, culturally distinctive and human-oriented packaging images and forms has become the goal pursued by commodity owners and consumers in general.

l Significance of Packaging Design Culture Affinity

1.1 The need for building a harmonious society

The goal of building a harmonious society is a systemic project that includes all areas of politics, economy, and culture. In the reality that China's commodity economy is continuously prosperous and material conditions are relatively superior, the materials, processes, and processing technologies related to the application of packaging styling are being updated and developed rapidly. In the tendency of the design and production of packaging products tend to be standardized, the pattern of application in packaging design and the stylization of the design process will not meet the needs of building a harmonious society. This is not just a tedious and stereotyped image of packaging, lack of visual vibrancy and cultural diversity; and the outstanding issues are those that are not properly developed with high value-added materials and manufacturing processes. The abnormal phenomenon of small commodities increasing packaging, some ordinary products or small etiquette goods, using excessive packaging of high-grade materials, resulting in the waste of resources, misleading consumers or even seriously harming the interests of consumers.especially for some non-recyclable The dependence of the packaging materials has seriously polluted the environment, destroyed the ecological balance on which human beings rely, and made the packaging lose its essential attributes. It lacks humanistic thinking and packaging's "cultural affinity." Therefore, packaging design must adapt to the overall goal of building a harmonious society, and under the premise of effective protection of commodities, it can highlight the humanistic spirit of commodities, accurately convey commodity information, embody corporate spirit and corporate philosophy, and develop in a direction that can fully exert its comprehensive functions.

1.2 The needs of people's cultural and spiritual development

People's emotional activities are the main aspects of people's spiritual life. Humane packaging design is to follow the rules of human emotion and activity, in line with the design of human cultural awareness and emotional needs.

With the advancement of social modernization, people's lifestyles, behaviors, and aesthetic concepts are changing. However, the shortage of natural resources, the deteriorating traffic conditions, the destruction of the ecological environment, and the acceleration of the pace of life, etc., in this space filled with information impact and survival competition, the psychological pressure people are subjected to is increasing. Thus, people hope to gain more cultural and spiritual enjoyment while obtaining superior material conditions. Therefore, the packaging designer should give special attention to how the packaging of goods can better play the functional aspects of the packaging design, and strive to increase the taste, personality and taste of the goods through the packaging design, with the "cultural affinity to bring people and things closer together. The distance will enable shoppers to bring a spiritual balance in their consumption, so that the merchandise of the original merciless things will become sentimental, agile and lively.

1.3 The need of natural ecological protection

The human living space is an organic whole. This organic development constitutes the human ecosystem. Ecosystem is the natural system that interacts with biological communities and their geographical environment. It is the objective environment that human beings rely on to survive, including the natural environment that humans reproduce and develop and the social environment that human groups operate. In this system, various kinds of relative factors achieve a relatively stable equilibrium state through mutual restraint, transformation, compensation, and exchange. It is because of the ecological balance that humans can live, work and study in this environment.

However, modern industrial and contemporary information development has brought about social progress and material civilization. At the same time, it has also produced noise, sewage, and exhaust gas, which has led to the destruction of forests, the reduction of birds, and the increase of diseases. This threatens humanity itself. Therefore, human beings are paying more and more attention to the ecological environment on which they live. It is because of the infinite care for this ecological environment that artists and designers are trying hard to abstract and abstract the form of beauty in the ecological environment into a modeling language and integrate it into design art through mimicry, pictography, and other techniques to make the design even more accessible. With cultural affinity and aesthetic imagery. As a packaging designer, it is necessary to fully recognize the special attributes of the combination of the art of packaging design and engineering technology, and the combination of culture and material creation, with a high sense of social responsibility, and to promote the creative work of green pollution-free design.

2 Principles for achieving the affinity of packaging design culture

2.1 Functional Principles

Packaging design is also a kind of art, which is based on the functional requirements of commodity protection and solves many technical problems in design and practice activities. Obviously, the packaging design is limited by various factors such as materials, processing technology, marketing, sales, and consumption. While protecting the shape of goods or articles, it also conveys the function, nature and shape of the goods to people. Structure and other comprehensive information. Therefore, whether it is from the perspective of the whole industry sales level or the consumer level, packaging design must adhere to the protection function, convenience function and serve a specific sales group. "Restrictive" design.

2.2 Humanity Principle

based on. The concept of humanity to examine the design process of packaging modeling, regardless of the inner packaging or packaging, single packaging or packaging, is based on the principle of convenient use, that is, the need for ergonomic research as a benchmark. For the convenience of opening, picking, pinching, pouring, closing, and the like, such as sales packaging, scientific and rational design is made for the convenience of loading, unloading, lifting, and handling of the transportation packaging. At the same time, for the packaging and decorating design, we must also take the visual characteristics of people as the benchmark, which facilitates reading and identification and obtains information, so as to attract attention and unite with people's aesthetic trends.

2.3 Principle of Ecological Awareness

The most important meaning of the principle of ecological design consciousness is to protect the natural resources and living environment that human beings rely on to survive. While satisfying the spiritual desire of human beings to return to nature, we advocate green packaging, “pollution-free packaging” or “environment-friendly packaging”. Promote harmony, balance, and coordinated development of the natural environment system.

2.4 The principle of simplification

The principle of simple design is to reduce or optimize the visual decoration elements, that is to say, primary and secondary. To make the visual space more compact or smart or easy with less wins and more, to form a pleasing and more imaginative and reflective space. Simple, does not mean simple or simple, reflected in the packaging design, is the use of the most common materials, the most simple processes, as few as possible printing, design the most compact shape, the most convenient and practical packaging. Apply minimalist design principles to packaging design, improve the relationship between packaging and people, and bring packaging to products. Good karma.

2.5 Aesthetic principles

The aesthetic rules of artistic methods are the laws of humanity that are summed up by the long-term artistic practice and visual aesthetics of human beings. They are the laws of formal beauty that are abstracted from a large number of concrete forms of beauty. In the packaging design, using modeling language, under the guidance of artistic aesthetic rules, the pursuit of a spatial, dynamic, interesting modeling, the popular aesthetic concepts through the packaging form and decoration to be achieved. The artistic beauty of packaging design is to break through the fixed form of beauty, to express the aesthetic laws and concepts through the various elements of packaging, and to shape the aesthetic form of technology and art.

2.6 The principle of creativity

Creative design is actually a proposition that should change with time and continue to innovate. Art has evolved from generation to generation, and packaging design in different eras reflects the common expression of new elements, new structures, new forms, new techniques, new cultures, and new styles in its era. The emergence of a new creation or invention is often produced under certain conditions, and its results have become the basis for later generations. Creation is unlimited, and it is the source of knowledge evolution and civilization progress. From the perspective of the development of human history, packaging itself is a comprehensive creation of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. Therefore, in the exploration and practice of cultural affinity of packaging design, creative design has become one of the important premise and principle of packaging prosperity and development.

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