Screen treatment method

Physical treatment method: The purpose of this method is to polarize the surface of the screen to facilitate the combination of the screen and the photosensitive adhesive.

This method is pulverized using a pumice stone and a silicon carbide powder and treated by mechanically treating the surface of the mesh. Or the wire mesh is treated with silicone carbide powder, with the powder particles below 20 microns. After treatment, the screen is washed and dried with water and then used for plate making.

Chemical treatment: The phenol, cresol, and phosphoric acid corrosives are usually used to process the surface of the synthetic fiber mesh before the plate making process to roughen the surface of the mesh and achieve the purpose of tight bonding with the photosensitive resin. However, the use of phenol, cresol Phosphoric acid-based corrosives tend to damage the screen, so pay full attention to chemical treatment.

In addition to the polarization treatment on the screen surface, the screen can be degreased and cleaned with caustic alkali, cleaning agents, etc. The de-esterification cleaning method can effectively remove the oil, dust and other substances on the surface of the screen, making the screen and photosensitive adhesive Bonding is strong. After washing with the above solvent, rinse with water, dry it, and use it for plate making.

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