Printed: Night

Printed: Night 1
Printed: Night 1

Pigment boxes of various colors, sponges of various shapes, corks, and potatoes that have been cut into various shapes

Apply various materials to different colors and print them on paper.

You can use your imagination and print a variety of pictures.
Printed: Night 2
Printed: Night 2

Cailang Packaging is able to produce a broad variety of wholesale paper watch boxes.  

Sourcing our impressive selection of colors and styles and find the perfect watch cardboard boxes to suit your needs! 

We also can provide different type's Watch Box, the main recommend box type is siding drawer box.

and the watch 's inner tray,we will recommend cotton pouch for you ,or sponge foam tray.

Watch Gift Box,Watch Storage Box,Watch Paper Box,Watch Gift Box,welcome to email us.

watch box

Watch Box

Watch Box,Watch Storage Box,Watch Paper Box,Watch Gift Box

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