Use the puff to create the perfect look of the Year of the Dragon

Women are born to love beautiful! We saw that the masters of the make-up artist have produced countless amazing makeup, and the most important makeup is the foundation. In addition to skillful techniques, they have their own magic weapon - puff. Don't underestimate the puffs, and create flawless makeup that is indispensable!

Makeup sponge

First, the makeup sponge

1. Sponge for powdering honey and liquid foundation: Sponge that can be applied with powdered honey and liquid foundation. The texture is fine and firm, and the cotton body has small gaps, which can make the honey honey completely adhere to the face and draw the base makeup. The concealer is high and the makeup is naturally uniform. The elliptical sponge flap edge and the corners of the eyes, nose, mouth, etc., can be well fitted.

2, suitable for applying foundation, powder sponge sponge: sponge can be suitable for any solid foundation, dry a small amount of foundation, dry evenly on the face; wet when used. Dip a small amount of water with a puff, squeeze it out and take a solid foundation. When the powder is applied, the skin will not feel too dry.

Makeup puff

Second, set makeup puff

1. Puff for oily skin: If it is serious oil, it is recommended to use it to refresh the skin and absorb the oil to refresh the oil puff. Its surface is a little rougher than a normal puff, but it doesn't have a long plush. This type of puff can take away the oil on the face when fixing makeup, and attach the powder to the face.

2, soft touch puff: the surface of the long fluff puff, contact with the skin feels very comfortable, can take a large amount of powder at a time, you must first make the powder on the puff evenly and then press on the face. It is suitable for autumn and winter, and the spring and summer makeup is light and thin, which is not suitable for this type of puff.

3, matte makeup face puff: the surface of the delicate and soft puff once take a small amount of loose powder, so loose powder and liquid foundation on the face will not cause the powder makeup "mud" phenomenon, the attachment area is relatively uniform, simple You can achieve the matte finish effect.

Pilling makeup steps

Third, borrow the puff makeup step

1. From the wide angle of the sponge, in order from the large area of ​​the face, such as the left and right cheeks, forehead, nose bridge and chin, so push the foundation from the inside out, from top to bottom, when you follow the skin texture When makeup, the makeup will be thinner and evener.

2, draw a small amount of foundation, once again for the eyes and corners of the eyes, nose, mouth, hairline and other fine points to press and strengthen, so that the bottom makeup is zero.

3, puff after picking up the powder, first spread on the hand after folding, let the powder adhere evenly, then according to the inside out, from top to bottom, from the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin pat, move Be gentle, so as not to wipe off the previous makeup.

4. Fold the puff in half, use the remaining powder on the puff, and press it again on the corners of the mouth, nose, and hairline that are easily overlooked. If there are fine lines, you must first fill the lines with concealer and then pounce on it. Honey powder, there will be no card powder phenomenon.

Pilling makeup steps

Fourth, cleaning puff

1. Excessive foundation on the puff will affect the uniformity and conformity of the makeup, and it will easily breed bacteria and affect the skin health. Therefore, the sponge needs to be cleaned more frequently, and the liquid foundation puff should be washed once a week. The powder puff can be washed once every 2 weeks.

2, sponge and cotton puff can be cleaned with neutral skin cleansing milk, soap, cleanser, directly down the amount of the sponge on the water, make it foam, repeat the palm of your hand to clean the puff, Do not use force, otherwise it will be easy to wash.

3. Use a pair of paper towels or a towel that is easy to absorb water. Press the sponge to absorb moisture. Then place in a cool, ventilated place to allow it to air dry.

4. After the puff is completely air-dried, it can be used again, otherwise it will be more susceptible to pollution.

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