Faenza Yan Bangping: professional team to fight the market


Independent professional team of bathroom and tile to fight the market

[Reporter]: The theme of this time is "anti-market". Does Faenza pay great attention to the bottleneck caused by the big environment?

[Yan Bangping]: Everyone has seen the big situation. The country’s purchase restriction policy has not yet been loosened. Beijing and Shanghai have clearly confirmed that the purchase restriction policy will continue next year. The central government’s attitude is also very clear that it will insist on the regulation of real estate. shake. I think everyone can also feel that the current situation in the real estate market is rather severe. Now there is a saying that "prices return to 2008". There are also many disputes involving owners due to price cuts. Our sanitary building materials industry as a real estate The downstream companies will certainly have an impact, so we don't think 2012 will be particularly optimistic.

[Reporter]: Just now the report of Yan Zong mentioned that 500 outlets will be added next year?

[Yan Bangping]: Right. Because our country is very big, there is a big market. Although we have more than 1,800 outlets, we have our sales network in most of the county and city areas, but there are still many places that are not covered, so the development The potential is great.

[Reporter]: I just learned that Faenza's bathroom and tile are going to operate separately. What is the consideration?

[Yan Bangping]: This can be more professional, because we have to face many manufacturers specializing in sanitary ware, we have to compete with them; we also have to face many manufacturers of ceramic tiles to compete with them. We need a professional team to work hard in the market, which is more conducive to the development of our tiles and bathrooms.

[Reporter]: In terms of e-commerce, how do you see it? Does Faenza have the problem of solving price and warehouse?

[Yan Bangping]: With the post-80s and post-90s young people becoming consumers, the lifestyle and shopping patterns of everyone have changed. The first advantage of e-commerce is convenience. You can shop at home, and you can also deliver it to your door. The second is that the price is cheap, this is everyone's optimistic, the price is cheap because it does not need a physical store, so the operating cost will be lower.

But there are also problems like this: the physical experience cannot be achieved and the quality cannot be guaranteed. If you buy something that you don't want, although the process can be returned, you can get a refund, but it will be very troublesome in the actual operation. Now our key needs to be solved: first, let consumers buy our products quickly and easily; second, to ensure that products are genuine; third, consumers can experience before buying, for this, our The terminal has a strong physical store network, which is our advantage. Any product in the process of use may have some problems, need to have a strong, timely, good service system to support, which is exactly what we have.

Therefore, we must combine the online and offline of e-commerce so that consumers can experience the fast and cheap shopping, while at the same time ensuring authenticity and enjoying good service. If we achieve this goal, we will be welcomed by consumers, and we will be able to survive and develop.
So I think that whether it is e-commerce or a physical store, their ultimate aim is the same, that is, how do you better serve consumers and bring real value to consumers.

“One-stop” shopping is better and more convenient

[Reporter]: Many people now propose the concept of "one-stop" shopping. How do you think about it?

[Yan Bangping]: For us, we hope to have the ability to provide consumers with more home products, so that consumers can reduce the pain in the whole purchase process and reduce the pain of choice between brands. After all, household products are not products that are often consumed. The understanding of products is limited. Consumers are very confused. Everyone says that their products are good. Who is the best?

Therefore, we design the whole source from the design source, and provide products with better use value for consumers' limited home space from the combination of various functions, matching and space utilization.

If consumers buy a lot of products of different brands, when there is a problem, because there are many connections between the products and the products, it is easy to cause wrangling and evade responsibility, which will bring a lot of trouble to consumers. . But if you buy a product in one brand, one-on-one service will be more convenient, he can solve all the problems by one phone call, no need to call different brands. This is a one-stop shopping.

Our overall accessory products can create a holistic space for consumers, which is also an increase in value for consumers. Specifically, the terminal sales, bathroom and tile are now in the store, some are tiled bathroom integrated stores, some are separate stores, and there is a connection between them. Our tiles and sanitary wares are very beautiful, we recommend the matching tiles and bathrooms in the design style of the products.

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