Spring will know 3 tricks to avoid makeup

Spring has just arrived, but the spring is cold and the weather is still cold and dry. Even if the makeup is perfect, there may be a scene of makeup removal. How to continue to maintain your "face problem", so that your makeup is consistent. This is the makeup technique.

Spring is not awkward

Spring will know 3 strokes and do not take off makeup

The makeup is removed, the concealing effect is not obvious; the eye makeup is blooming, the panda eye appears; the lip makeup is lost, and the lip pattern is revealed. Take a look at the little tips that PClady gives you, how to make up your makeup easily.

Make up makeup, prevent water shortage

Make up makeup, prevent water shortage

Oily skin: 1. Use a paper towel to absorb grease in the T-zone

2. Use honey powder or powder to make up makeup, no floating powder

Dry skin: 1. Replenish skin with moisturizing lotion

2. Moisturizing liquid foundation

Star product recommendation: FANCL Hydrating Revitalizing Spray

Nirvana: Lasting hydration spray absorption

This is a must-have moisturizer for the winter, which constantly replenishes the skin. And compared with other products, it is a spray-type product, no need to be smudged on the hand like other products, resulting in makeup and flowering. Of course, it penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin and promotes the effect of deep hydration, which is always favored.

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