Thin-film prepress processing method for color polyester label screen printing

For printing convenience, the cut transparent polyester film must be laid flat on a smooth plate, (ordinary plate glass, PVC plate, etc.). Before attaching the film, a small piece of gauze moistened with clean water can be used to evenly coat the surface of the plate, then the film is attached, and a dry gauze is wiped on the surface of the film to drive off the bubbles under the film to make it smooth. In this way, the film will not move during printing to achieve the purpose of positioning. Since the film and the carrier plate are adsorbed by the water film, the film can be easily peeled off after the pattern is printed, and the carrier plate can also be used repeatedly. If the plate is printed with vacuum aluminized film, it can be attached to the carrier plate by means of transparent tape attached to the four corners.

Before printing, use a small amount of pre-treatment solvent (such as acetone, cyclohexanone or mixed solvent) to moisten the cotton balls and gently scrub the printed surface of the film. On the one hand, the surface of the film can be removed from the oil; on the other hand, the solvent can also be used on the surface of the film. The erosion effect improves the adhesion of the printing ink.

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