PIAB P6010 vacuum pump

The world-renowned supplier of industrial vacuum technology PIAB's new P6010 vacuum pump opens a new era of vacuum technology. Based on the company's patented COAXTM multi-stage discharge technology, the P6010 vacuum pump can supply 40% more air flow than conventional vacuum pumps, while also reducing overall energy consumption. The stable, maintenance-free design makes the P6010 perfectly suited for automatic material handling and other production processes in the automotive, automation, printing and packaging industries.

The P6010 is a modular design with a size of 77 x 73 x 214 mm, so it is easy to install several units at the same time and it is easy to connect with other accessories. The discharge chamber of the vacuum pump is made of anodized aluminum and is able to withstand the harshest industrial environments. The entire unit has reached the IP65 safety level.

Based on specific application requirements, users can choose from two integrated control methods to ensure increased productivity: PIAB Cruise Control (PCC) and Automatic Vacuum Management (AVMTM). Both control methods have vacuum sensing capabilities and can save energy. PCC has many advantages for leaky materials such as paper and corrugated board, while AVMTM is suitable for handling non-leaking materials such as metal plates, plastics, and glass.

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