Full Edition and Large Area Print Design Considerations

When making corrugated carton layout design, to ensure product quality, it should try to avoid full version and ribbon printing.

Avoid full-printing. When the corrugated box is full-printed or printed around, the compressive strength of the corrugated box is reduced due to the pressure of the embossing roller on the corrugated board and the infiltration of the ink by the ink. Therefore, the design of the corrugated box should be as simple as possible, and try to avoid full-page printing.

Avoid strip printing. The layout of corrugated boxes should avoid the printing of large-area strips (ie, the same direction as corrugated board machines). The printing pressure will crush the corrugated area in this area, and the corrugated boxes are most likely to be broken.

However, in the actual design, some customers often prefer the full version and the large-area field printing effect without sacrificing the strength of corrugated boxes.

In order to ensure large-area printing on the ground, in the design and production, it is necessary to consider separating the large-area solid parts from the small-area graphics, and use the printing plates with the same thickness but different hardness. In this way, after large-area and small-area graphic editions are printed simultaneously on the same page, the actual printing pressure in printing is different. The printing pressure on a large area is less than that on a small area. The printing pressure. In addition, it is possible to use a large-area, small-area graphic to be separately printed, so that the printing pressure can be adjusted individually and different inks can be used to ensure the printing quality. This treatment method is superior to the large-area solid ink effect obtained by the sheet-fed printing method.

The "bleeding" problem must also be considered when designing full-page print layouts. Corrugated carton layout design, require the printing of the background or the picture to achieve the entire layout of the border, the edge of the color blocks and pictures should be extended outside the cutting line or indentation line about 3mm, so as not to cause the printing plate is too small, appear white Side phenomenon.

Author/Li Yutian

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