A British company successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging

Recently, a British company successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging, which has both passive and active barrier functions. It can effectively inhibit the penetration of oxygen, and even after cooking food bags, the effect will not be reduced.

The new packaging can not only extend the storage period of the packaged foods, but also can be directly heated by microwave ovens, and is particularly suitable for the packaging of convenient foods. According to reports, this new package is composed of 6 layers of different materials. The first layer is polypropylene - a polymeric material with high oil resistance. The second and fourth layers are glue and glue, with oxygen-blocking polymeric material EVOH (passive barrier) in between. The fifth layer is an oxygen scavenger, called an active barrier, which not only prevents the ingress of foreign oxygen molecules, but also absorbs oxygen in the package. The last is a layer of polypropylene material.

Polypropylene is an ideal material for the manufacture of dairy heating vessels. During the process of high-temperature sterilization, EVOH materials are immersed in moisture, resulting in a decrease in barrier function. After 50 days, the product may have discoloration and may become tainted. In the new packaging, the oxygen scavenger maintains its activity even in the presence of moisture, thus ensuring the shelf life of the food.

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