Skin moisturizing new experience against dry weather in autumn and winter

Want to have a clear, moist, nude makeup effect in winter? Especially in the dry autumn and winter seasons, the foundation with poor moisturizing effect is easy to get stuck or the visual effect is rough, so now more and more liquid foundation has the accompanying moisturizing effect, and the 360XH evaluation room recommends 5 moisturizing liquid foundations. Let your makeup still be hydrated in autumn and winter. Give your skin a new moisturizing experience against the dry weather in autumn and winter. Here are the strengths of the following six moisturizing foundations, let us take a look!

Skin care beauty

DHC Firming Renewal Beauty Foundation ¥258/40g

Evaluation Editor's Comments: DHC Firming Renewal Beauty Cream is moisturizing and viscous, with high ductility and light and non-sticky. The foundation has a strong concealing power, which can effectively cover the spots and the redness of the skin. After use, the skin tone is bright. The liquid foundation has good ductility, uniform color and easy to push open, and has excellent water and oil resistance. From the experimental data, the instant moisture value increased by 14.5%, the instant moisturizing effect is good, the water can be quickly replenished, and the moisturizing effect is obvious. Suitable for MM for normal dry skin.

Barbie Brown Rich and Moisturizing Foundation Dew ¥480/30ml

Evaluation Editor's Comments: Barbie Brown's rich and moisturizing foundation is a foundation with a certain hiding power. Its liquid foundation has strong fluidity, which can cover acne marks, pores and dark circles, effectively brighten dull skin; good waterproof and oil proof. We use a moisture detector to detect the skin before and after use. Immediately after use, the moisture value increases by 14.5%. As a liquid foundation, the moisturizing effect is remarkable, but the degree of compliance is general. It is recommended to use MM for oily skin.

L'Oreal Paris Perfect Matching Foundation Cream ¥170/30ml

Evaluation Editor's Comments: L'Oreal's foundation cream is refreshing and simple, the texture of the foundation cream is hydrated, delicate and lustrous; the spread is high, and the texture is even after pushing, and the water and oil resistance is good. This foundation cream is added with hyaluronic acid, and its moisturizing effect is also extraordinary. After use, the skin becomes white and tender. The instant moisture value has increased from 33% to 47.5%, which is 14.5%, which instantly increases the moisture content of the skin. This foundation cream can cover acne marks, dark circles, etc., combined with fine smooth particles, is very suitable for creating clear nude makeup, can create a moisturizing beauty that is not afraid of dryness all day long.

Chanel youthful vitality foundation liquid foundation spf15Â¥550/30ml

Evaluation Editor's Comments: This liquid foundation is a transparent glass bottle, you can see the liquid foundation inside gives off a faint luster. The liquid foundation is a skin lotion texture with strong fluidity, good ductility and luster, which makes the skin smooth and shows a better color. However, it has a long-lasting degree. It can brighten the skin after use and cover the dullness around the eyes and nose, making the makeup natural and friendly. It feels refreshing when applied, but it has the ability to instantly replenish water. Before use, the skin moisture value is 33.0%, and after use, it is 42.0%. Before applying, it is necessary to do skin care and moisturizing work to make the makeup more docile.

Sophia Yingmei Huan Moisturizing Foundation ¥240/30g

Evaluation Editor's Comments: The transparent bottle of Sofina Moisturizing Liquid Foundation is designed with a pressing style, simple and beautiful. The liquid foundation is a creamy skin texture. After pushing open, it is smooth and smooth, with a refreshing touch and natural color. The powder is fine, with high ductility, excellent water and oil resistance, and can effectively cover pigmentation, acne marks, pores, etc., and has good coverage. Immediately after application, the moisture value is similar to that before use, and it does not bring more moisture to the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the makeup before applying makeup.

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