Secrets of purchasing solid wood furniture

It is understood that taking domestic solid wood furniture as an example, solid wood furniture wood species include beech, teak, maple, oak, ebony, elm, ash, elm, poplar, pine, elm and so on. Solid wood furniture is expensive on raw materials. Therefore, new wood species with high cost performance such as eucalyptus and eucalyptus have been applied to the design and production of solid wood furniture on a large scale. These two kinds of wood are cheaper than teak and rosewood, but The stability of the wood is very strong. It is the leader in the same price wood and is one of the main directions for the selection of new Chinese furniture in the future. The wide application of eucalyptus and eucalyptus, especially eucalyptus, has reduced the price of solid wood furniture.

At present, the market is more popular, including pine, oak, ash and other solid wood furniture, its affordable price and simple and fashionable style is suitable for the working class consumer groups.

When purchasing wooden furniture in the market, the overall size and layout of the living room and the economic strength of the family should generally be considered first. Then, the appearance quality of the furniture products should be carefully checked. The following points should be paid attention to when purchasing solid wood furniture.

Think about the budget First of all, you have to think about how much you want to invest in the furniture. This way you can determine the proportion of furniture spent in each living area based on the total amount. In short, it is necessary to balance the distribution and focus on it, and it can handle it well within the budget. If some people prefer the kitchen, then the kitchen budget can be more, and the living room can be less.

The functional size of the second-sized furniture should meet the requirements for use. For example, the middle clearance height of the writing desk should be greater than 580 mm; the intermediate clearance width is greater than 520 mm; the seat height of the chair stool is 420 mm or 440 mm; the width of the armchair is greater than 460 mm; the space of the wardrobe hanging long coat is greater than 1350 mm; The space for hanging short coats is more than 850 mm; the space for hanging general clothes is more than 500 mm. For example, if you want to buy a set of bedroom furniture, you have to measure the size of the house first, and then according to the size of the house, you want to buy a few pieces of furniture, probably the location and the space occupied, so you can choose When you buy furniture, you can be targeted. In addition, you need to measure the height, width and diagonal length of the door. Some European, non-detachable furniture is very tall, and the size can avoid the embarrassment of moving into the door.

Think twice about the style you want to buy in advance. If the room is small and dark, it is better to choose light furniture. In addition, consider the issue of coordination with the style of decoration. The current popular Nordic style furniture is easy to match and can be used as the first choice for young people. Chinese style, Italian and American, French style furniture is suitable for people with certain economic strength and better housing conditions. Especially for the large American sofa, the living room area needs to be placed above 20 square meters. In addition, the style and style of the furniture should be considered before the decoration, in order to form a harmonious atmosphere of the home with the decoration style.

How to choose a high-quality solid wood furniture has become a concern for people to add furniture. On the one hand, a good solid wood board, the front is a pattern, the back should also have a corresponding pattern, the same position of the front of the scar, the other side should also exist. When you purchase it, you can identify the solid wood and the board as long as you look carefully according to the introduction of the merchant. On the other hand, look at the material, whether the wood is dry, white, whether the texture is clear, whether the texture is tight and delicate, and whether the force part is installed with many pieces, no nails, no nails. Secondly, touch the surface, the surface of good solid wood furniture is flat, and the corners will not appear rough or too thick. Finally, press the force point and test whether it is stable.

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