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Jurlique Deep Cleansing Scrub

Jurlique Deep Cleansing Scrub

User: Peggy

Jurlique Deep Cleansing Scrub, a scrub that I like very much, is very gentle and comfortable, and is suitable for sensitive skin. Squeeze about 1cm in length, mix with water or AHC blended water, then apply to the face, before using the flower water to blend it, and then lazy to use water directly.

Its texture is very similar to the thick version of oatmeal cereal after adding water, because it is thick, so it is blended with water, and then massages the whole face by pressing. This process is very mild and gentle.

Although I feel very gentle, I don't dare to use too much force, usually about 20S-30S, and then washed away with water.

The taste is a bit fragrant, but it is a habit that is customary. After flushing, the skin is really like a shelled egg. Very soft, he is very moist, the skin is like nourishment, super love. Will always buy it.

Pure plant system Johnmastersorganics wash hair care

Pure plant system Johnmastersorganics wash hair care

User:z sauce

Although it is a brand in Europe and America, the understanding of Johnmastersorganics is entirely from various magazines in Japan, so I bought a bottle with great interest and tried it!

A brown can of shampoo is specially designed for dry hair. The liquid is almost the same color as the herbal scent. The blistering is not very strong, but the foam is very delicate. Milky white hair conditioners are basically not fake, but when you wash them off for a while, your hair will really become soft and soft.

Although there are no surprises when the two cans are used up, it has been used with other hair care products that are also very cured. It seems that the hair is dry or somewhat relieved! (Because I am a guy who uses a hair curler every day.) The other pure plant also feels very good. If the natural thing is used, it will definitely be better than the various chemical products.

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