How to choose rattan furniture such as rattan sofa?

Rattan furniture is a kind of furniture full of Southeast Asian style. Whether it is hot summer or chilly winter, rattan furniture can bring you cool, or send some warmth under a thick cushion. So, how do we choose to face the many rattan furniture brands on the market? Furniture fans take you to look at it.

How to choose rattan furniture such as rattan sofa? .jpg

First of all, the quality of rattan furniture is good or bad, first reflected in different production processes. Expert suggestion: When you choose, you can sit up and try it. If you make a "squeaky" sound, the raw material may be fake vine.

In addition, it is necessary to observe whether the overall color of the rattan furniture is consistent, whether the adhesive part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct, which is the main factor for testing its quality.

Third, modern rattan furniture, in addition to the main material is rattan products, as well as hardware and a lot of soft decoration, showing a strong taste and modern urban style. Specific style matching, you can make different choices according to personal taste and interest preferences. The price of rattan products depends mainly on the quality of the materials. The selection of rattan products depends on the quality and quality of the products.

How to choose rattan furniture such as rattan sofa? .jpg

Finally, for the wicker chair with the cushion, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the arc of the cushion is consistent, whether the floss is straight and straight, and whether the fabric pattern is tidy.

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