How is the quality of the Jiade sink?

Many netizens inquired about the quality of the Jade sink, and the price of the Jade sink was expensive. In this issue, the editor has integrated the quality and price of the Jiade sink, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. How is the quality of the Jade sink

1. Overview of Jiade Sink Company

GORLDE, a stainless steel expert under Kohler, was founded in 1992. For more than 20 years, Jiade has been committed to creating a healthy and clean home kitchen and bathroom life, focusing on the development of stainless steel healthy kitchen and bathroom products. As one of Kohler's two major stainless steel kitchen and bathroom R & D centers, it is committed to providing users with health and safety , Comfortable and convenient stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products comprehensive solutions, products cover stainless steel sink, stainless steel faucet, stainless steel bathroom shower, stainless steel kitchen and bathroom hardware, shower room, food waste disposer and other kitchen and bathroom accessories, etc. Multi-level life needs.

2. The design concept of Jiade sink

GORLDE is derived from the meaning of "casting good products and carrying good things", adhering to the idea of ​​"good quality, inheriting the best products", focusing on stainless steel kitchen and bathroom for more than 20 years, casting the industry leading brand to create a clean and healthy living kitchen and bathroom The environment is the mission, relying on cutting-edge technology and superb skills to build the best products, always providing customers with peace of mind, comfort and intimate home enjoyment. Jiade strictly follows Kohler's global unified management standards in product design, R & D and quality control. It integrates international cutting-edge design concepts and technological processes with Chinese household lifestyle habits, and injects into product design and brand communication to create health and safety for users. Kitchen life.

3. Health and environmental protection of Jiade sink

Jiade, a green kitchen and bathroom practitioner, is willing to be restrained for health, focusing on the development and manufacture of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom categories for more than 20 years, special SUS304 green stainless steel material. Jiade, an original design advocate, starts with a bit of innovation: washing, cutting, leaching, abandoning, hanging, tossing, and grinding, every detail is small. Achieve professional skills with dedicated spirit, shape expert quality with professional skills, and endorse green kitchen and bathroom with expert quality.

GORLDE's mission is to create a clean and healthy residential kitchen and bathroom environment. It creates an integrated kitchen cooking center and healthy bathing center that integrates kitchen cleaning, cooking, and waste disposal. At present, the industry has obtained rare three-in-one certification (Quality (QMS), Environment (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS)), which has greatly enhanced the awareness of environmental protection responsibility, provided consumers with healthy products, and dedicated green missions to society.

2. Price of Jiade Sink

Jiade Sink Flagship Store

Jiade ET06 imported 304 brushed silver surface sink double round slot 3 sets -------------------- 799.00 yuan / set

Jiade sink YL06 + faucet 105 -------------------------------------- 1000.00 yuan / set

Jiade stainless steel sink 72150T compact type -------------------------------- 1099.00 yuan / set

Jiade SUS304 stainless steel sink single slot 70890T pearl silver surface is not easy to get oil -------- 1680.00 yuan / set

Jiade stainless steel sink 70895T drawing surface -------------------------------- 1880.00 yuan / set

Jiade stainless steel sinks and other large basins 72240T thickened type are not easy to get oil ------------------ 2460.00 yuan / set

Jiade sink 2104FY 1005 * 495 * 230 ------------------------------ 4849.00 yuan / set

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