How to choose 13 sinks in the kitchen sink makes your kitchen worry-free

The sink is one of the building materials that every family needs to use. With the development of materials and craftsmanship, various shapes of sinks of various brands on the market are also varied. Don't look at a small sink. Dirty, water, odor, splash and other issues directly affect the comfort of kitchen operations. Sinks of different materials also affect durability and price. For "long-term stability" in the kitchen, it is necessary to choose a good sink.

Let the kitchen say goodbye to sinks

Every family will buy a sink during the renovation. The quality of the sink will have a great impact on the later use. The poor quality of the sink will usually deform the tank, block the water and generate odors, rust, etc. These problems If it is so serious that you have to replace the sink, it will be very troublesome. Not only will you need to spend a second time, but the countertop will also be damaged. The editor in this article specially recommends 4 reliable and affordable sinks, take a look!

Small-sized double-sink sinks are subdivided into small kitchen functions

Perhaps for people with small kitchen space, when they are equipped with cabinet sinks, they are more willing to choose a single sink, which feels that they can save countertop space. In fact, the size of small-sized double sink sinks produced by many brands is almost the same as that of single sinks. The function distinction is more clear when using it. The editor below recommends 3 small double slots for you, so that your small kitchen has more choices.

Unconventional fun round sink makes the kitchen unusual

When people buy sinks, they generally prefer to choose a square, which feels practical and space-saving. Although each brand has several round sinks, almost no one cares. As everyone knows, round sinks use cabinet countertop space and facilitate cleaning. On the top, they are far better than the common square sinks. If you do n’t believe it, you may choose one of the 6 round sinks recommended by Xiaobian to experience the use of unconventional ones for yourself ~

Every family will buy a sink during the renovation. The quality of the sink will have a great impact on the later use. The poor quality of the sink will usually deform the tank, block the water and generate odors, rust, etc. These problems If it is so serious that you have to replace the sink, it will be very troublesome. Not only will you need to spend a second time, but the countertop will also be damaged. The editor in this article specially recommends 4 reliable and affordable sinks, take a look!

Brand: Franke

Price: 899 yuan

Product features: This sink uses 304 steel plate with a thickness of 1.0MM, which is a very durable product. The brand of Franca is well known. Its quality and design are very good. Its splash-proof and large washing capacity are the biggest advantages. At the same time, a sound-absorbing pad is used at the bottom of the sink to reduce the sound of water falling into the sink. A peaceful life for the whole family.

Comments: This stainless steel sink is very affordable, and it is very suitable for families who are not very economically affluent. With the double grid sink, the large and small tanks work together, and you do n’t have to worry about washed and unwashed dishes when cooking. Mixed, the two spaces are used at the same time, easy to operate and save time.

Brand: Oulin

Price: 899 yuan

Product features: Compared with 201 and 202, SUS304 is the most suitable stainless steel grade for manufacturing sinks. Only this stainless steel can really play a role in corrosion resistance, and stainless steel grades cannot be identified by the naked eye, so you should try to choose a good sink Choose a good brand.

Brand: Jiu Mu

Price: 898 yuan

Product features: Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, its anti-aging and oxidation resistance are very strong. It is made of 1.0mm thick steel plate. The sinks below 1.0mm are all inferior products. Users should not buy them. The product is heavy enough to ensure its firmness. The matte treatment on the surface makes it more wear-resistant and lasts longer. The matching sewer pipe adopts all-steel sewer head, which has the characteristics of anti-cracking, anti-heating and anti-blocking, and is easy to use.

Comments: This stainless steel sink is also double grid, the appearance is very exquisite, suitable for use in small kitchens, and it is easy to clean the dirt. When washing, you can use the role of two sinks to classify different items, which is convenient and affordable At the same time, the bottom of the high-quality sound-absorbing pad is used to eliminate the troublesome falling water noise.

Brand: Shuaikang

Price: 780 yuan

Product features: This is a double grid sink, convenient and practical, can be washed and soaked at the same time, the faucet installation position also leaves a lot of spacious space, and you don't have to shrink your hands when washing things. The bottom is made of high-quality sound-absorbing mat, and a waterproof coating is added on the outside. There is no need to worry about falling off. It is very suitable for users with a slightly larger budget.

Comments: The shape of this sink is very simple, suitable for use in a small area kitchen, does not take up space and is easy to clean, the attached stainless steel drain basket and wooden cutting board are free, plus the quality and service of the old brand Shuaikang are very good of.

Recommended product one: FS-807 stainless steel double-sink sink

Brand: Wilden

Reference price: 700 yuan

Editor's comment: The Wilden FS-807 sink made of 304 stainless steel is integrally formed. The external dimensions are 720 * 390 * 190mm. The two basins are large and small, large and small, and are very suitable for small kitchens. The surface of the sink is processed by European fine brushing technology, and the texture is soft and bright, easy to clean and wear-resistant. With the outer anti-seepage water coating, it ensures a longer service life of the sink.

Recommended product two: Kitchen stainless steel sink double slot package W-331-304

Brand: Mo Lin

Reference price: 1452 yuan

Editorial Comment: The Molin W-331-304 sink uses genuine SUS304 stainless steel as the original material, combined with the fine manual cold drawing process, not only makes the appearance look beautiful and has a sense of quality, but also has the excellent characteristics of anti-oil and easy to clean, eliminating the need Trouble with fighting oil deposits in the sink; the size of this sink is 750 * 430mm, the size of the basin is designed with a precise space ratio, and it can be placed in a small kitchen to achieve a larger operating space.

Recommended product three: Mo Kete large and small kitchen sink K-3676T-1S

Brand: Kohler

Reference price: 876 yuan

Editor's comment: Keller Mokot K-3676T-1S kitchen basin, using 1mm stainless steel plate as the raw material, thick plate to ensure more stable and durable performance of the sink, the basin body uses dual protection against condensation and noise reduction, providing more Pleasant experience; the sink has an external size of 750 * 470 * 208mm, and the countertop design is suitable for different kitchen styles.

Recommended product one: Opal series single slot 23607 set

Brand: Moen

Reference price: 958 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This round sink from Moen is made of 304 stainless steel as a whole, and the surface is brushed. The gloss is soft and more resistant to stains and easy to clean. The size of the sink is 430 * 430 * 165mm, and its compact size is suitable for more families.

Recommended product two: Giessen JS203 round sink

Brand: Prome

Reference price: 1350 yuan / set

Editor's comment: The Plome Giessen JS203 round sink is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel and processed by welding process. The surface texture of the soft silk is delicate and beautiful, and it shows a crystal texture of 304 stainless steel for a long time. , The above counter basin design is more practical.

Recommended product three: Eurasia countertop and under counter dual-use kitchen sink K-3046T-S

Brand: Kohler

Reference price: 759 yuan / set

Editor's comment: Kohler's uniquely designed round kitchen sink uses a 1mm thick stainless steel plate. It also has dual protection against condensation and noise, ensuring a more comfortable user experience and durable and wear-resistant performance. The dual-use design above and below the stage, with a size of 505 * 440 * 180mm, is suitable for kitchens with more area types.

Recommended product four: FS901 small single round slot kitchen package

Brand: Wilden

Reference price: 598 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This Wilden FS901 small single round trough is the most economical of the four round single trough sinks. It is also made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and one-piece stretch-formed FS901 single trough with a size of 427 * 427 * 190mm, which is the smallest of the four models, is also the most suitable for the small kitchen.

Recommended product five: Drus series DS309A stainless steel round double groove

Brand: Prome

Reference price: 1880 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This round sink from the Plome brand is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The thickness of the plate is 1mm. The surface is treated with a soft silk physical process. It looks soft and lustrous, and has a high sense of quality. The edge of the sink is double-layered. The flanging design and double safety protection ensure a longer service life and provide a better user experience. The overall size of the sink is 850 * 450 * 180mm.

Recommended product six: FS804 round double slot package

Brand: Wilden

Reference price: 1099 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This double-sink circular sink, also from the Wilden brand, is more inclined to be designed for large-space kitchens. The external dimensions are 875 * 445 * 205mm. The round shape of the basin, the warmth after the surface drawing The color is more gorgeous in the large kitchen. It can't be better with an American-style kitchen. It also comes with a full set of faucets and other accessories, which is convenient and intimate.

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