Ou Wei sliding door wardrobe fashion elegant workmanship exquisite for small apartment

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the society of "people rely on clothing and beauty," the wardrobe used to store clothes has become a home improvement product that most people care about. It is very important to choose a high-quality, fully-featured wardrobe. Today, this European-style sliding door wardrobe is recommended for everyone to evaluate. It is very suitable for small-sized apartments.

ç»… ç»… sliding door wardrobe

Ou Wei sliding door wardrobe evaluation

Ouyi sliding door wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand: Ou
Evaluation products: ç»… ç»… sliding door wardrobe
main material: Solid wood particle board, China Resources Paint
Evaluation project: Appearance, Cabinet door, handle, etc.

European wardrobe

The outer cabinet of the Ouyi wardrobe is made of Huarun paint process. The surface is matt and lacquered. It is fashionable and elegant. It has no smooth feeling when touched by hand, but it does not use rough hand. It can feel the texture of the paint slightly. Cool.

Ou Yi wardrobe evaluation

The cabinets of the Ouyi wardrobes all use the E1 grade plates of Genhe from the outside to the inside, and the environmental protection standards have absolutely reached the level prescribed by the state.

ç»… ç»… sliding door wardrobe

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Ouyi sliding door wardrobe evaluation details

Ouyi sliding door wardrobe evaluation summary

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Leather Bench

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