80m2 Mediterranean style home fresh bedroom wardrobe design

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] 80m2 of the United States to create a Mediterranean style, so that the narrow space suddenly has an exotic taste, even if the space is small, every exotic atmosphere can bring you a good mood, colorful living room The fresh bedroom, the intimate dining room and the bright kitchen design will surely set off your first love feeling.

Style : Mediterranean

Area : 80m2

Number of inhabitants : 3 people

Mediterranean style wardrobe

Living room design

The design of the living room is most Mediterranean-inspired, with Mediterranean-inspired furniture and original retro TV background walls, allowing you to enjoy the pure Mediterranean style.

Bedroom wardrobe design

Bedroom design

There are not many colors in the bedroom, light blue and pink-tone walls, white sliding door wardrobes , and double beds with regional sea breeze.

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