Do you know the small details of daily use of copy paper?

When it comes to copy paper, I think everyone will not be too strange. We need to use it both at work and in our studies. However, in the process of using, we often encounter a lot of troubles, such as the phenomenon of copy paper jams is a headache. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about copy paper and some small details that we need to pay attention to when using copy paper everyday.

1: understand copy paper

For many people, what is copy paper, you may know it, but you don't necessarily understand it. The copy paper we often say is the paper that is used in the copier after we have copied the original information. Generally, for better quality paper, we use it for printing on office equipment such as laser printing, inkjet printing, and needle printing. This type of paper is mostly made of whole wood pulp. Of course, the quality of the paper is higher than that of ordinary copy paper, and it is also the paper we use most in office.

2: Small details used for copy paper

If you have a paper jam when using the copier, you can turn the paper over one side to change the paper feed direction; if the paper is jammed due to excessive moisture, you must put the paper in a dry place. Dehumidify first, then wait until it is completely dry, then put the paper flat; sometimes paper jams may occur, because paper scraps on the paper can completely spread the paper and remove the paper dust on the copy paper.

As for the phenomenon of paper jams, how to deal with them is correct? At this time, you should be able to quickly open the jam cover of the copier, and be sure to remove the jammed paper in the direction of the paper feed.

For those who have wrinkles after printing, this is mainly because the moisture content of the copy paper is too high, and the high temperature machine is easy to wrinkle. It is better to put the paper in a dry place to dehumidify before use.

Sometimes it is caused by multiple sheets of paper feeding. The reason is that the moisture content of the sheet is too high, which causes the paper to have excessive friction. The paper should be dried before use, or the paper should be turned over.

Regarding the small problems we encountered when using copy paper on a daily basis, it can be seen that many times it is caused by the paper being too moist. So it is very important for the storage of paper.

3: Small details of the storage of copy paper

When copying paper is stored, it is best to find a place with good ventilation and dryness. Moreover, the outer packaging of the copy paper is generally subjected to moisture-proof treatment, so we try to use as much as possible when using it, and then remove another package after use. The storage of copy paper and the environment in which the paper is used is an important part of ensuring the quality of the paper. The optimal storage temperature is 23 ± 3 °C.

Finally, Xiao Bian also reminds everyone of a small detail when using copy paper on a daily basis: Usually we always think that the placement of paper is a very small thing. In fact, the placement of paper has a certain degree of attention, and it is not well placed. It is also easy to cause a paper jam phenomenon. Therefore, in general, before loading paper and putting paper, we must first remove the copy paper and shake it a few times. The purpose of this is to remove paper dust on the paper, and to reduce the adhesion between paper and paper.

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