How to repair skin sunburn

Summer is coming, and the bright sunshine sometimes becomes disgusting. It’s just a matter of going out and accidentally getting tanned. The 72 hours after the sun burst, it is the "golden repair period" of our skin. If you miss it, you can only watch it turn black and age. On the contrary, as long as we use first aid measures, we can let Your skin quickly restores its original white, clear state.

Xiaobian Zhizhao How to repair skin sunburn

Ultraviolet rays are the first stage of skin aging and the four stages of "muscle change" after sun exposure!

The average person thinks that when it is sun-baked, it will turn black at the top. If you try hard, it will come back white, but what you don’t know is that the ultraviolet light is hiding in the four-stage crisis that makes you ugly and old, if you don’t suppress the sun in time. Skin, no more than a month, will immediately hear someone say: "You seem to be getting old!" How should we fix after sunburn, the following will tell you in stages.

Stage 1 after the sun: red hot sting

Sunburn to the cheeks red all the way, the main reason is that UV-B allows the microvessels to dilate and cause inflammation. If you touch it, it will sting, indicating that the skin is slightly burned!

Key 10 minutes: mineral spray

One feels red and hot, and it is pressed down immediately! High temperatures activate the melanin pigments, making you black faster! So when the skin feels hot, just sneak into the cool room and immediately “cool down” with ice water or moisturizing spray! Minerals such as citrate have soothing effects, and a fever immediately sprays, not only inhibiting inflammation, but also making the pigment too late!

Stage 2 After the sun, the next day: the skin is dull

If the inflammation is not suppressed in time, the epidermis will begin to harden and thicken, leaving the skin with a sense of transparency! In addition, UV-A increased the amount of melanin pigment, which resulted in uneven skin muscles and sunburn.

Key 6 hours: After-sun repair cream

Thick repair cream, calm the black pigment "deep walk"! Ultraviolet radiation has a terrible "accumulation", although it has already returned to the room, the ultraviolet rays are still "running away" and continue to be inflamed! No matter whether the surface red heat is reduced or not, use aloe vera gel thickly within 6 hours, or apply a sunscreen repair cream containing licorice extract, oatmeal and other ingredients to calm deep inflamed tissue.

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