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As a bathroom space that can provide consumers with relaxation and comfort in home life, what kind of style should it be? Is it noble or fresh? Is it modern or future? In fact, no matter which style you choose, as long as the bathroom space can complete its basic attributes, it can be a decorative effect for home life. Today, the editor will introduce a bathroom brand to everyone. It is the imperial bathroom. How about the imperial bathroom? Let's take a look.

1. Emperor Sanitary Ware Brand

Emperor Sanitary Ware has a domineering feeling when it hears the name. The Emperor Sanitary Ware was established in 1994 and has a history of 19 years. It is still in Tao Li Nianhua. It has established its foothold in the domestic sanitary industry. Well-known trademarks, "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Sanitary Ware", "Chinese Consumer (Top Ten) Satisfied Brands" and many other reputations Emperor Sanitary Ware brings high-quality and high-quality products to consumers with the tenet of “customer first, excellence, and abide by reputation”. Its products are perfect and strive to create the perfect bathroom space for consumers.

Second, the quality of emperor bathroom

The sanitary ware enterprise provides consumers with not only products, but also a culture, a way of life represented by its products, and a high-quality product will bring subtle influence to consumers' life in its life with its excellent design and quality. influences.

The main substrate used by Imperial Sanitary Ware is acrylic, which is a new type of material. At the same time, as a kind of organic glass, acrylic is often used in the size of home building materials. Emperor Sanitary Ware's product base materials are mainly imported from Japan and the United States. Excellent materials and strict manufacturing processes pay attention to ensuring high-quality products produced by Emperor Sanitary Ware.

Some consumers commented on the products of King Sanitary Ware: "The toilet of King Sanitary Ware is very good. When I use it, I think its toilet is very water-saving and the water is also good. Because the products I buy are colored, I have new friends every time. When I come home, I will definitely praise my family's sanitary ware is very trendy, very good. "

3. The official website of Imperial Sanitary Ware

After reading these materials, you must also think of the official website of Emperor Sanitary Ware. The editor of the official website of Emperor Sanitary Ware also posted it here for everyone. Click to view.

Imperial bathroom official website:

Fourth, common sense of bathroom purchase

At present, the colors of sanitary ware products on the market are very rich, including purple, bone color, white, milky white, etc. When buying three sets of sanitary ware, it is best to choose products of the same brand from a manufacturer. A few points:

1. Before choosing a toilet, make sure that the reserved drainage outlet in the bathroom is down drainage or horizontal drainage.

2. Whether the toilet is water-saving, you can't just look at the size of the water tank, its flushing function is the most critical place. Good flushing is not only clean and hygienic, but also has good water saving and low noise. The inspection method is to use the table tennis for the flush test, at least one should be washed down more than 4 times. There are two types of toilets on the market: siphon flushing and straight flushing. Generally high-end products use siphon flushing, because siphon is a low-noise, good flushing method.

3. The general high-quality sanitary ware is smooth and glazed without deflated ponds, color difference, pinholes and lack of glaze. The sound made by striking the ceramics with hard objects is crisp.

The above is the introduction of Emperor Sanitary Ware. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the decoration information channel of this website.

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