Feng Shui

With the popularity of retro style, many people also like retro furniture, the first is the wooden furniture, wooden furniture feng shui should pay attention to the shape of the furniture in the room, placed in what position, what material is needed. Wooden furniture in the home water needs to comply with the five elements of the original color, in the community of white Feng Shui, wooden furniture feng shui mainly has three points, now for you to analyze the feng shui of wooden furniture.

Feng Shui of wooden furniture

1, the wooden furniture placed on the left to enhance the business

In the home furnishings feng shui, from the perspective of the seat, the left side of the dragon to the right side of the tiger, wooden furniture is suitable for the dragon side, the tiger side should not be placed too much wooden furniture. Especially in the homes of many people, I like the coffee table made of trunks. This kind of artistically shaped, naturally carved coffee table is most suitable for the dragon side, which can enhance the career. Especially for people who work in government departments or large national enterprises, this kind of furniture can help you to be promoted from a deputy to a supervisor. If you accidentally put this kind of furniture on the side of the tiger, people in the workplace should be careful, at work. The interest disputes will increase, and the small ones will continue to be serious, and even serious will even cause official non-intentional, not careless, and need to be cautious.

2, wooden furniture should use good wood

There are many kinds of wooden furniture materials, and it is generally recommended to use expensive materials. The main table in the living room, the dining room table, the study desk, or the bed in the bedroom are the most important furniture in the space. It is best to use a noble furniture material such as logs. The so-called expensive, sturdy, not to buy eucalyptus, but to use at least solid, shiny wood, can help to enhance the fortune. Can not be used to fill the number of three plywood, because the main furniture and the owner of the individual's official transport, fortune is linked, rather than eating a few big meals, buy a few more famous brands, but also buy a stronger main table, dining table, desk, bed.

3, round, rectangular wooden furniture enhance the fortune

If you want to improve the fortune, it is best to use rectangles and circles. Because the round water is water, the aquatic wood can make the wooden furniture more advantages, and the rectangular wood can make the wood characteristics unfold. On the contrary, furniture of various shapes, such as triangles and stars, is a fire, and wood fires will hinder the advantages of wooden furniture to enhance the home and greatly reduce the points.

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