How to solve the skin problem caused by mobile phone

With the rapid development of the times, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent, so the frequency of people using mobile phones has increased greatly. It is no problem to brush up Weibo WeChat, and chatting has become a commonplace. However, entertainment will also bring us a lot of skin problems. How to solve the skin problems caused by mobile phones ? Let's take a look at these skin care tips together !

How to solve the skin problem caused by mobile phone

Skin problem one: 20-year-old girl's "Aunt" neckline

I have been looking down for a month for a long time. When I see the time, is the wrinkle on the neck suddenly rising? The reason is very simple. Whoever makes you always fold the neck, except that the chin and neck will be disfigured? There is also a corner of the eye, do not believe? Look to see if your crow's feet are in full bloom. No way even the screen of a smart 7-inch phone is still too small, forcing us to squint, and long-term blinking will only bring myopia and wrinkles.

Recommendation: The skin between the neck is the easiest place to forget when you are in daily care. Whether it is for facial moisturizing lotion or anti-aging skin care, make sure to include this place. Eye wrinkles MM are very careful to protect, while rubbing anti-aging skin care products , you can do more massage to relieve eye skin and reduce wrinkles. Of course, the role of skin care products is also limited, want to be beautiful? Or look at the phone.

Skin problem 2: The phone brings 30-year-old "acne"

In addition to neckline, acne is also a good friend of the mobile party. Because in fact, your mobile phone may be more dirty than the toilet seat, and contains more bacteria? Think about it, all the makeup and sweat are glued up after a long phone call, let alone after eating the fried chicken ice cream. What do you like with your friends? Such a dirty mobile phone, you have to face it, no acne.

Recommendation: There are many different ways to clean your phone, such as 40% medical alcohol to wipe regularly, or simply use a headset to answer the phone.

How to solve the skin problem caused by mobile phone

Skin problem three: the phone case causes allergies

A recent study showed that some of the nickel and chromium plated on the outer casing of the phone are prone to allergic/contact skin. Therefore, if you have always been sensitive to the skin, if you have a rash, chances are that this call is the culprit.

Recommendation: Not everyone is allergic to these mineral elements. If you are allergic to it, you may want to buy a plastic case for your mobile phone. Today's mobile phone case is diverse, not only to highlight the user's personality, but also to protect your mobile phone from scratching. flower.

Skin problem four: eye bag edema

Many mobile phone parties are accustomed to not shutting down in the middle of the night, thinking that it will not affect the skin. As everyone knows, the blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen will interfere with the human body's own sleep system, making it impossible to enter the deepest sleep that most helps the skin's metabolism. Not to mention the WeChat push that is always embarrassing, and the midnight text message that disturbs people's dreams. Does this kind of sleep quality, can the skin not edema? Can there be no eye bags?

Suggestion: The key is to look at the individual. If you don't want to face, you will continue to boot in the middle of the night. If you want to face it, turn it into a flight mode or turn it off directly. If you have to receive a message before going to bed and go online, experts recommend that you lower the brightness of your phone, and it is helpful to use a radiation protection sticker. >>> Six skin care tips to teach you how to buy skin care products

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