Huiya ceramic tiles recommended

Everyone knows Huiya tiles , there are many brands of tiles on the market, different types of tiles have different characteristics, and the specific places of use are also different. The following editors recommend the antique tiles of Huiya tiles for everyone.

1. Maple Linbodu series of Huiya tiles

Huiya Maple Linbodu wood grain brick adopts convex glaze technology to make the surface of the brick surface completely reproduce the solid wood grain. The wood grain is delicate and realistic, and the texture is convex and concave. ; After high-temperature calcination of more than 1150 degrees and up to 30 rigorous procedures, it has inherited the excellent characteristics of Huya ceramics with low water absorption, high hardness, non-slip wear resistance and easy maintenance.

2. Lanfeng Cloud Shadow Series of Huiya Tiles

Lanfeng Yunying series, this product is divided into light beige and light brown, using a half-polishing process, on the basis of porcelain antique bricks, sintering a layer of highly wear-resistant transparent glaze with a pattern on the surface through a screen printing process, and then Using the polishing principle for surface treatment, the raised part of the screen printing will have the shiny effect of the polished tile.

Three, Huiya ceramic tile series of Wangzu era

The texture of the European sandstone mold in this series of products adopts the advanced Italian glaze slinging process, which makes the product surface have an original "flash glaze" effect. The brick surface hides a little mica, giving the sandstone a unique metal temperament. The product has three-dimensional surface, super anti-fouling, long-lasting wear resistance, breakthroughs in several aspects, reaching the level of high stone imitation.

Editor's summary: The recommendation of the antique tiles of Huiya tiles is introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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