Matters needing attention in daily maintenance

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Daily maintenance methods

After each use, please wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with a neutral detergent. Always keep the appearance of the machine clean. After maintaining the appearance and hygiene of the machine, do not use acidic substances or metals to clean and scrub.

In order to ensure normal use for a long time, you should often wipe the ignition needle flashing part and ion detection needle with a cloth. The cleaning agent is sprayed on the grill of the oven cavity every 3 days or so. It is required to relieve the scaling rate and prevent the oil overflow pipe from being clogged when the temperature in the gas collection bin is just after use.

In the state of using dry batteries, if gas can not come to the stove plate, but the ignition needle can still ignite, please replace the two No. 1 dry batteries. Because the ignition needle only needs 1.5V to fire, and the solenoid valve needs 3V to open. (Under normal circumstances, every 1-3 friends are replaced, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly batteries, if not used for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid battery leakage and corrosion of the battery box contacts) When replacing the new battery, open the left cabinet door , Use your index finger to squeeze the two sides of the battery box cover, pull out, take out the old battery, replace it with a new battery, pay attention to the battery polarity installation direction, and finally cover the battery box cover.

When cleaning the stove or other parts, avoid water and moisture in the wire connection and pulse flashover parts, which will affect the ignition performance.

This model is divided into upper and lower parts, making cleaning more convenient. First, remove the three screws on the liquid tray with a screwdriver, unscrew the M3 * 6 screws that fix the biasing chamber, and then pull out the stove port upwards, then rotate the decoration ring of the stove cavity clockwise about 8mm to remove the decoration Circle, take out the main body of the stove cavity, at this time, you can easily clean the oil in the gas collection bin. It is recommended to clean the gas collection bin once a year.

Cleanup matters

1. Clean the oil collection box regularly. Generally, it is cleaned every 1 to 2 months. When cleaning, use your fingers to hold the face of the oil collection box and slowly pull it out. Be careful because the oil container is too full and overflows. After cleaning up, slowly push the oil collection box to the end. It is recommended that the waste oil be sealed and put into the sorting bin.

2. Clean the stove regularly. Remove the fire cover, clean the fire holes, block the fire holes to affect the combustion performance and increase the chance of tempering, dry the parts before placing them, and then make sure that the ignition groove is aligned with the position of the ignition needle, so that the fire cover is locked Snap into the positioning pin, otherwise the aluminum furnace cover will burn out.

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