New Zhongyuan ceramic tile product specifications

I believe everyone knows how the new Zhongyuan tiles are. Xinzhongyuan ceramic tile is one of the top ten domestic brands. With its powerful production capacity and its amazing development speed, it is hailed as "built ceramic carrier" by the ceramic industry. Its product styles and specifications are complete. It mainly produces polished tiles, porcelain tiles, microcrystalline stones, antique tiles, sanitary ware, glass mosaics, artistic mosaics, exterior wall tiles, square tiles, etc. The following is a brief introduction to how new and new ceramic tiles are. Zhongyuan ceramic tile product specifications.

How about new Zhongyuan tiles

Founded in 1991, Xinzhongyuan is a large modern building ceramics manufacturing company in China. It has won the trust and support of consumers with its scientific management model, excellent talent team, strong R & D and production capabilities, and efficient marketing network. Won the "China Well-known Trademark" "Asian Brand 500" and "China Environmental Protection Products" "Top Ten Brand Certificate" "Guangdong Famous Trademark" and other names. The revolutionary technology "Super Bright" of the new Zhongyuan ceramic tile not only solves the staining of the polished tile, but also improves its glossiness. In addition, Xinzhongyuan also mastered the microcrystalline stone core technology and the "dry glaze application" technology, which are the leading technologies in the industry.

New Zhongyuan ceramic tile product specifications

1. Product name: Xinzhongyuan 1-CLA8001 floor tiles

Specification: 800 * 800

Price: ï¿¥ 356.00 / piece

Product Appreciation: The texture is clear and beautiful, giving people a fresh feeling. It is a very good tile, suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

2. Product name: New Zhongyuan Baroque Flower Q2979 Tile / Tile

Specification: 300 * 450

Price: ï¿¥ 88.00 / piece

Product Appreciation: The pink blooms in the entire space, the white background is different in shades of pink, and the charming pink tends to be elegant. The combination of different shades of pink conveys a layered romantic feeling. Colors have a soft spot for most women.

3. Product Name: New Zhongyuan Hongyun Flower Q3779C Tile / Tile

Specification: 300 * 450

Price: ï¿¥ 88.00 / piece

Product Appreciation: The home needs to be neat and elegant, without the colorful and colorful, just need a little bit of warmth, and add a little bright decoration in the bathroom, you can show a comfortable and fresh effect.

4. Product name: Xinzhongyuan 1-GWA8808H five microcrystalline floor tiles

Specification: 800 * 800

Price: ï¿¥ 1199.00 / piece

Product Appreciation: The black gold flower marble from the Italian Alps in the stone kingdom is a fine selection of fine crystal stone. The creation of the new Zhongyuan black gold flower series also comes from the yearning and pursuit of famous stones. Caress, with a warm and smooth feeling, black as the bottom, with a kaleidoscopic golden pattern, the natural elegance is revealed silently.

Editor's summary: How about the new Zhongyuan ceramic tiles and the specifications of the new Zhongyuan ceramic tiles are introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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